Shawn Sounds & Matthew Johnson: Luther Vandross “Never Too Much” The Voice Battles 2019

These guys are too much, my goodness!
Super excited to be keeping up with The Voice this season.
No shade or anything but definitely, got some real vocalists coming out hahaha.
Thanks to Legend! Look forward to seeing more from his team.

That range, agility, tone.. SEEEESH. Felt every part of this performance in my soul.
I have so many favorite parts! 1:40 & 2:59 should be a crime, MY LORD.
Can’t nobody get legend moving like that, haha.
Issa battle alright, but they just sounded so amazing together! Can’t even choose!
Like to this to see more of these two and many other talented singers! Enjoy, ya’ll xox.

Buy the original single here: Never Too Much

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