Hello! My name is Lorraine Anne and I first started my blog back in 2016 as a college student with a laptop and a love for music. Fast forward four years, and what originally served as an outlet to express my love of music has grown to showcase my personal admiration for all things arts including but not limited to: writing and the visual arts. While I try to keep things primarily about music (my first love), it continues to be an extension of who I am— as I grow as a creative and challenge myself as (in all aspects of the word) an artist. Chain of Arts offers a collection of all things art to ultimately inform & inspire those with my research & creative work.

I am currently based in Los Angeles, California and my second home is in Johns Creek, Georgia. I graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2018 with a B.A in Sociology and a concentration in Social Change & Global Issues.

Los Angeles native Lorraine Anne is a singer/songwriter. She fuses a blend of pop, gospel, soul, and R&B influences– to share a distinctive sound through the formats of recording/performance and storytelling. Her goal as an artist is to appease souls of those present finding common ground among a crowd within a raw, short & candid music experience.

Lorraine first started singing at 8 years old as a member of her school church choir and from then, made public appearances. While music has played an integral part since early life, she as of 2017 recently decided to pursue her musical passions towards a professional direction as she trains and develops her artistry. She is currently working on fresh projects for release in the upcoming year.

Lorraine has completed her B.A. degree in Sociology.
She was employed at a local radio station.


    1. Thank you! I currently don’t have a paid plan, but I do plan to purchase one soon. I think it varies across themes, but for my theme, to create the menu I simply created site pages for each category as you see on the menu. And to add any new content, I edit the page to publish it

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  1. You have awesome photos and artwork glad i stopped by!! I will follow for sure. Thank you for the follow as well. 😁 hope you keep inspiring others

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