New Art Work

Just got back into drawing and painting and would love for ya’ll to check out my work, which you can find more in my art gallery here. I would love to one day sell my art work and create a nonprofit to give back to the community. You support would mean a lot. More art work soon. much love x Lo

PS: Can you name who the portrait is?

Vocal Lessons with Stevie Mackey: Sing Anything Like A Pro

This post is for all aspiring singers like myself who are always on the look for singing tips and advice.
As an avid researcher (hence my blog), I literally scour the Internet reading blogs and watching youtube videos learning how to sing better. I can definitely share my new knowledge with you all on that at a later time. However, for this post, I want to share the basic material I have learned taking Stevie Mackey’s online course may you guys be interested in enrolling in the future. Though the course is pricey, I thought it was very much worth the money spent. While I understand his course may not be in everyone’s budget, I thought I’d share some of the lessons he covered in the course for free here on my blog. So be sure to like this post if you would like to read more of this content.

As an aspiring singer, I admire Mackey for not only his talent but reliability and empathy for his students. Mackey is a well experienced vocal coach in Los Angeles, teaching a wide range of students ranging from celebrities and beginners! Feel free to read more about Mackey here as I intend to continue posting about what I have learned as a singer myself from his lessons. Sing Anything Like A Pro is online and you are given assignments that allow you to give and write feedback to your peers. For me, learning other peoples voices helped me tremendously learn about my own voice as well. The duration of the course was 30 days, given 13 days of new lessons.

The two points I want to briefly touch on today is Vision & Listening.
The basic idea of voice performance is to get in touch with your soul. Though technical training and understanding of the voice is important, a lot of singing has to do with the emotion and soul you put into your performance. Because that is what people resonate with as they listen to you too. The one thing I learned from this day was to believe as you sing.. believably makes effective singers.
The second valuable tip I think will help you practice your vocal ability is to mimic other singers and sounds. As Mackey had mentioned great singers are great mimickers. This allows you to not only stretch your vocal chords but also help you become a better listener which is just as important as singing itself. Mimicking trains both your voice and ears, as Mackey says great singers are sound makers!

I hope these tips help you think more about your voice and help you become a little bit more self aware as a singer.
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Thank you for making it to the end of this post, and until next time!

much love x Lo

38th Anniversary: Michael Jackson Thriller Album

The album that reignited my passion for music. 3 years ago, I had almost hit a brick wall because I felt so emotionally and spiritually lost. My home life felt so incredibly broken, I had a fall out with someone I was talking with at that time, I felt misunderstood, empty, and drained. I knew I owed it to myself so I took a break from school and focused on myself, my mind, my body, and my soul looking for an answer. Somehow, the Almighty led me to discover the magic and love that was Michael Jackson. I became a huge Michael Jackson fan after that and needless to say, my life wasn’t the same after that. I realized how important and vital music is in life and I knew (to the very soul and core of my being) I wanted to be a part of it. I continued on my path though it felt quite lonely. And this blog allowed me to channel that part of my identity.

I’d like to make this post as I truly owe it to the great Michael Jackson, whose music made me reevaluate my life path and aspirations. True artists have that affect on you, and his music spoke to me. Hope ya’ll enjoy. My favorite jam was “The Lady in My Life”, what’s your favorite jam? Leave ’em below!

New Youtube Video Up: “Flying My Drone for the First Time// Georgia Summer 2020”

This post is for any wanderlusts, adventurers, and cinema lovers out there! I purchased my very first DJI Mini couple months ago and took it on a spin when I visited my family in the east in Georgia. I’ve been loving it so far and am currently still experimenting with it, as I strive to capture footage and create videos that I hope has depth and meaning. I plan to record a full video of my DJI Mini soon for those who are interested in purchasing. Anyhow, I uploaded my Georgia Summer 2020 Vlog video and would love if ya’ll checked it out. Please be sure to like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoy the video:) Much love x Lo

Reminder to Self (and to you)

Just discovered this brilliant intellect on Youtube who goes by the name Nubreed. Though I normally don’t post videos such as this, I thought this was definitely crucial to document and share with those who finds themselves in similar situations as I.
As an aspiring artist who would like to preserve her soul without being tainted by the evils of the industry, this particular video spoke to me as I find a lot of truth in his words and ideas. As a firm and strong believe of God, I would only like my music to speak to the right people. The people share the same passion and love for music, as music is only here to help unite and not divide us. And as we are well-aware the music industry, or Hollywood, is simply a hot mess full of evil people who prey on the vulnerable. And when you are chasing your dreams, you can often find yourself in vulnerable situations. however, this video serves as a self-reminder of who I am as an aspiring artist and how I can navigate the industry while pursuing my passion. Hope this videos serves you some justice as it did I. peace and love x Lo

Acceptance & Enrollment: NYU x Billboard Music Industry Essentials Program (2020)

Just enrolled in my very first Music program- NYU’s Music Essentials Industry Program, a facility of NYU’s Clive Davis Institute. The program is also affiliated with the likes of Stevie Mackey (who I just completed his vocal coaching program recently), Clive Davis himself, Quincy Jones, Ryan Leslie, to name a few. The program is also affiliated with the Billboards, who many of us may be familiar with. While this is only the beginning of my journey as a professional musician, I am excited to be exposed to all the material needed to deepen my understanding of the music industry and how it operates. The Music Industry in general does feel daunting as someone who is only starting out, but I hope this course will help me understand and give me a clearer picture of how I can utilize my talents and skills within the industry as I continue to grow as an artist. The duration of the course is for the whole year and the course comprises of six components: History of the Recording Industry, Money Matters in Music, Creativity in Content and Artistry, Building Your Image, Producing the Record, and lastly Marketing Music in The Economy. More than excited to begin this course and share my journey and new knowledge along the way.

Be sure to click here to learn more about the program for those who are interested in applying in the future.

Monthly Pick Ups

For all my aspiring musicians out there, these are a few books I highly recommend to give a shot.

Titles/ Brief Summary

Gotta Get Signed: How to Become a Hip-Hop Producer by Sahpreem A. King
Gotta Get Signed offers some perspective an aspiring producer himself of the in n outs of the industry.
King provides his own tips and methods as to how to navigate within the industry as someone who may feel they are only a fish fresh out the water. He also gives his reader a list of contacts in the industry to connect with.

The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music by Victory L. Wooten
The Music Lesson merges both the spiritual and music worlds through the apprenticeship of Michael, who is the teacher, and his student who is much like his protege. The book helps to highlight the importance of understanding spirituality to truly grasp the concept of music.

Feel free to browse these reads at your local bookstore!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll! So so grateful for each and everyone of you have made this blog possible for me. Ya’ll inspire me to keep posting and one day grow into a brand that will give all ya’ll and the world the feels for inspiring art! including music, photography, drawing, etc. 3/4 years later and we were are! So what better way than to drop y’all some good music to put you on with some Betty Wright! I want to thank both you and the Man Above for allowing me to continue and prosper! Happy Holidays everybody!

“Tonight Is the Night” by Betty Wright (1974)

Betty Wright Medley
Clean up Woman / Pillow Talk / You Got the Love / Mr. Melody / Midnight at the Oasis /
Me and Mrs. Jones / You Are My Sunshine / Let’s Get Married Today (Live)

MPK Akai Mini Keyboard

Hey ya’ll! Bit the bullet and decided to get started on my journey of building my own music studio.. First step was my purchase of my very first MIDI, the MPK Akai Mini Keyboard, which I purchased at Guitar Center in Hollywood, Los Angeles. It retails for about 119, and does come with a basic software, which I plan to upgrade in the future. Regardless, I thought this was a good investment, not only because I do miss my piano, though the keyboard is only a fraction size of it, but because I can finally play with sounds that I can eventually replay to any future producer I work with. It really is a blessing, because I can create, distort, and produce sounds that I can turn into songs and later write over.

For those who are interested in creating their own music one day, this is a create piece for any beginner. While it is basic keyboard, it has plenty of features and is a portable size that will allow you to travel with and meet your basic needs to make music. While I am only starting out, I only downloaded the softwares and began experimenting with the sounds. It is also compatible with Garageband if you own a Mac Computer. I am loving it so far, and super glad I made the investment that I’m sure will last me a while. I will keep you updated on the progress as I hope to make a youtube video about it in the near future.

Feel free to purchase the product on Guitar Center.

much love x Lo