The Voice: Top 13

So sad that my favorite Matthew Johnson did not make it to the Top 13! I thought he did amazing, but as always, these shows are so unpredictable.

Here is the video of Matthew Johnson, for those who have missed out or simply would like to replay his performance.

But on the flip side, I am so glad that my other favorite Shawn Sounds made this round! He never fails! Coming through with Luther Vandross vibes. I swear, he got that Vandross blood running through his veins!

Could purchase the originals of both songs here:
Ordinary People
A House Is Not a Home

Shawn Sounds & Matthew Johnson: Luther Vandross “Never Too Much” The Voice Battles 2019

These guys are too much, my goodness!
Super excited to be keeping up with The Voice this season.
No shade or anything but definitely, got some real vocalists coming out hahaha.
Thanks to Legend! Look forward to seeing more from his team.

That range, agility, tone.. SEEEESH. Felt every part of this performance in my soul.
I have so many favorite parts! 1:40 & 2:59 should be a crime, MY LORD.
Can’t nobody get legend moving like that, haha.
Issa battle alright, but they just sounded so amazing together! Can’t even choose!
Like to this to see more of these two and many other talented singers! Enjoy, ya’ll xox.

Buy the original single here: Never Too Much

Jej Vinson Opens Up About Being an Asian Aspiring Singer

BalitangAmerica, a Filipino- American TV Program, recently reached out to The Voice Contestant, Jej Vinson, who shares his personal experience as an Asian aspiring singer himself. I found this brief interview to be especially insightful and, yet, another example of how other asians continue to face criticism and doubt within the music industry. In this interview, Vinson shares his insecurities and sheds light on his struggle of fighting common stereotypes an issue many, especially asians, face and many other talents feel strongly about. Sometimes, people simply have to work twice as hard as others. It saddens me, but also gives me another reason to keep trying. Watch more of Jej Vinson here on Balitang America.

Shawn Sounds Impresses The Voice Judges with “All My Life”

Ahh, not one bit surprised! Have been following this phenomenal talent on Instagram for the longest time and I am beyond excited that he’s finally joined The Voice. “Sounds”, it’s in his name. Definitely can’t fight a calling! He’s been in the shadows for a while now and I can’t wait for more people to know about his gift. Talent like his really sparks a fire in me, and I am glad others are slowly discovering him too. As an aspiring artist, I respect Sound’s humility. Alongside being a singer, Sound is also an elementary teacher and at 33, finally decided to compete on The Voice. Definitely one of my idols in the show. I think talents like him really helps to spice things up for the show for me. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself here! Truly a force to be reckoned with… Last year, I predicted Dalton Harris to be the winner of X factor 2018, and I wasn’t wrong! I only hope it would be the same this year and wouldn’t disappoint again this time around. Peace and love to ya’ll!