MPK Akai Mini Keyboard

Hey ya’ll! Bit the bullet and decided to get started on my journey of building my own music studio.. First step was my purchase of my very first MIDI, the MPK Akai Mini Keyboard, which I purchased at Guitar Center in Hollywood, Los Angeles. It retails for about 119, and does come with a basic software, which I plan to upgrade in the future. Regardless, I thought this was a good investment, not only because I do miss my piano, though the keyboard is only a fraction size of it, but because I can finally play with sounds that I can eventually replay to any future producer I work with. It really is a blessing, because I can create, distort, and produce sounds that I can turn into songs and later write over.

For those who are interested in creating their own music one day, this is a create piece for any beginner. While it is basic keyboard, it has plenty of features and is a portable size that will allow you to travel with and meet your basic needs to make music. While I am only starting out, I only downloaded the softwares and began experimenting with the sounds. It is also compatible with Garageband if you own a Mac Computer. I am loving it so far, and super glad I made the investment that I’m sure will last me a while. I will keep you updated on the progress as I hope to make a youtube video about it in the near future.

Feel free to purchase the product on Guitar Center.

much love x Lo

Netflix Series: Voices of Fire Review (2020)

Finally! The moment in time I have been waiting for.. a show that actually values and appreciates the beauty of true singers/ vocalists. As I always say (and I apologize for being redundant) as an aspiring singer, the timing of the release of the show is impeccable; in my own personal journey, I truly feel music is a calling for me and it upsets me that my fear overshadows my love for music. But God always has a way to encourage and inspire me in times I don’t believe in myself. And I believe this show is one of them.

I’ve always been fascinated by gospel music and gospel singers, and it’s exactly what this show is about. Voices of Fire stars Pharell Williams and takes place in the state of Virginia. Some of my personal favorites are Danlie Cuenca, who is a filipino as well, which reaffirms my belief that there really are some gifted filipino singers who are often not recognized for their talents. Others include: Britnee, Melvette, DJ Parker, Alrenzo to name a few. The plotline of the show showcases a countless number of gifted vocalists sharing their passion and love for music and ultimately getting chosen by the judges to participate in the choir, hence the name Voices of Fire.

When they say the Holy Ghost can be summoned by some of these anointed vocalists, I truly feel it when these vocalists sing. It’s amazing just as much as it is encouraging. I am so grateful to have stumbled across this show as I feel blessed to have heard the amazing gifts of some of these vocalists. The pastor also drops some wise words throughout the series that spoke to me. He states, “Many of us may be damaged goods but God has a purpose for our life and then he can use our experience to convey His Goodness.” Not only did the series inspire me as a vocalist, but also strengthened my faith as a follower and believe of God. It inspired me to only hone in on my craft, appreciate my own talents, and become a part of something bigger than myself. For all music lovers and singers/ vocalists alike, I highly encouraged you to give this series a go. If music truly touches you, it will only help you to strengthen and/or rediscover your love for music.

“Wishlist” JoJo ft. PJ Morton (2020)

Startin’ to feel real festive now with Jojo and PJ Morton’s new release”Wishlist”! White Christmas is approaching so be prepared to see more Christmas carols and jingles by your favorite artists. If you have been following me since day one, you know my mission is to share good music with you and the world! And it’s only because I have and will always have great appreciation for music, and it’d be terrible for me to not pass it on when I find something that resonates with me as I hope it will do the same for you. My dream for the past 2/3 years is to one day impact the world with my music and release all songs that I hope will only give you same moment of peace and joy too. I have been following the footsteps of some of the greatest singers I’ve ever heard and share them with you guys, and it just so happens to be that Jojo is one of them. definitely one of the most underrated singers, still have yet to hear real singers on the radio. Who’s your favorite singer at the moment? Would love to hear them down below!

11/18 Masego: Studying Abroad Live Performance

If ya’ll know me you would know I have been following Masego since his Tadow days 2 years ago. Trust me when I say people were sleeping on this man! Glad he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. Again, for all artist never ever give up on your dreams whether or not you’ve popped off yet. If your music genuine, and the audience feels it then it’s only a matter of time. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you.

#RainChallenge @_lo.annee

long overdue song challenge, but figured better late than never. missed this challenge that went viral, but will try my best to catch the next. definitely look forward to posting more covers.
if you’re an aspiring singer and/or aspiring musician, I would love to hear your stuff. Drop your username/ link below for me and others in our little community to take a listen. If you don’t believe in yourself, know that I do. much love x Lo

KJazz 88.1FM Radio, Los Angeles


Grateful to have been granted the opportunity to intern for my alma mater school, Long Beach State’s radio station, located in Los Angeles. For those who have been following with me, I stumbled upon this opportunity to simply volunteer, absolutely not knowing what to expect!
Instead, I was given an offer to work a paid internship with the radio station, where I’ve been employed for 2 years and counting. I have attended concerts at venues such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall, write monthly newsletters for the KJazz community, interviewed DJ Hosts, and simply was surrounded by other amazing individuals who share the same appreciation for music. Just a reminder for those who trying to break into the entertainment industry, or any industry out there, to seize every opportunity in sight, you never know what it may lead to! Grateful & blessed. Here’s to opportunity and growth.

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Mariah Carey’s Underneath the Stars (1995) Music Video released after 25 years!

Woke to wonderful news this morning! Underneath the Stars has become one of my favorite songs recently so I was so excited to hear the music video is finally released after 25 years. As Carey has reached her 30th years since the debut of her album, she has been since releasing never seen or heard before gems. And what better time than during a pandemic! My ears and eyes are blessed! READ MORE ABOUT #MC30 HERE.

“The Meaning of Mariah Carey” Live Audible: Interview Ft. Nessa

Mariah Carey was interviewed by DJ Host, Nessa, where both discuss Carey’s newly released book The Meaning of Mariah Carey, the memoir we have all be waiting for! (which I finished reading, you guys can’t pass on this!) The Meaning of Mariah Carey is now available on audible, which you can find on today. The audiobook is narrated by Carey herself, offering an entirely different experience from the book. The book, as Mariah suggested, is a gift to her fans, but most importantly for anyone is striving for their dreams and are survivors themselves, as Mariah has clearly shown to be a survivor throughout her memoir. They dive a bit into some details of the book that Mariah expands on during the interview. As Nessa points out in reference to a tumultuous time in Carey’s life in her book she states, “What I Love about this time period in your life is the grind, the hustle. making your dreams come true, and even your living situation”. And I for one, as aspiring singer/ songwriter in LA, can relate, because it is not easy being on you’re own and feeling like a small fish in a big pond trying to make your dreams a reality. Another point I’d like to draw is that Carey states, “Everyone tried to discourage me from reaching my dreams, [friends, friends’ parents, etc]”. She further states, “You just can’t let other people discourage you”. The one thing I love and admire about Carey, besides her angelic voice of course, is her drive and passion that turned her into a driving force during the 90’s, and still today! She truly left her mark for everyone to see and become inspired by, becoming a trailblazer for the upcoming generations of singers and musicians. Again, it’s Carey’s tenacity, or stubbornness wishful thinking whichever way you’d like to call it, that made her the star she is today. In other words, Carey says let the haters hate while you give them something to watch. Whoever is reading this and find love in what you do, don’t ever give up and keep believing in yourself. Because I know I do! much love x Lo

Feel free to watch the rest of the interview on Youtube and purchase The Meaning of Mariah Carey on Amazon today. Available in stores today.

Stevie Mackey: Sing Anything Like A Pro

After this past year of exploring and challenging myself as an aspiring artist, I knew I had to get some lessons from one of the best in the singing community here in Los Angeles. While right now is not the ideal time to take vocal lessons during this pandemic.. I knew I had to take advantage of the ample amount of information on the internet. So about a month ago, I enrolled in Stevie Mackey’s online vocal course: Sing Anything Like A Pro. Mackey has worked with stars such as Nicole Scherzinger, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, JoJo, Kelly Rowland, etc. Mackey has also worked on the NBC Voice. I have also been following him as he has worked with some of my favorite underground vocal singers in LA such as Durand Bernard and Sheléa Frazier! And I have absolutely no regrets (while at first I had my doubts). I admire Mackey’s wholistic and custom approach to singing and though it was online, it felt very personal. I can only imagine what his students in his face-to-face lessons experience and discover about themselves! This course really helped to inspire a new work ethic for me to finally achieve my dreams of becoming a singer. You can learn more about Stevie here. I learned so much of the course that I can’t wait to share with ya’ll soon!

Music Inspiration: Ari Lennox

If Ari can do it, so can I! That’s what true inspiration does, to make you feel purposeful and alive! So glad to have had been blessed with a moment of clarity and epiphany to really re-evaluate my life decisions and choices for a better, happier, and more fulfilled future. And all it took was some self-love. (and I mean healing, self-reflection, and patience which isn’t light or easy but you know what I mean). I know this is only the tip of the iceberg for me.. but I also know I have so much time and opportunity ahead of me. Here is to fighting and chasing for your dreams, and no one or nothing will be getting in my way. Throw back to earlier this year during my first performance right before Covid hit. Definitely using this time to recollect myself and hone in my abilities as a singer songwriter, couldn’t feel anymore grateful or blessed. Like I had mentioned, I am working on a few projects so please stay tuned for new music. Only up from here. and to the moon.. Who’s your inspiration? in anything.. doesn’t have to be music! Would love to read your responses below. much love x Lo

Stay Strong

Made a few adjustments to my lifestyle so that I can create the time and commit to do what I love the most: Music. I am posting this as a small reminder for anyone out there who is trying to make their passion their full-time. Never give up on your dreams or yourself, regardless of what hurdles you may be facing. whether that’s music, youtube, cooking, art, anything. always remember to stay strong, and don’t stop believing in yourself. there’s too much opportunity and people counting on you to give up now. On the same note, I have some good news to share with ya’ll soon, something I am both excited but nervous about. Been working really hard and putting my love, thought, and energy into this upcoming project and collaborating with some talented artists to make this dream a reality. A project I have been dreaming and working towards for the past year or so. So be sure to not miss out. More deets soon. Much Love x Lo

“I’ll Be There” Mariah Carey Live Performance (1992)

Hey ya’ll, been hooked on this song I had to share it with ya’ll. Just another reminder that truly good music never has an expiration date. Much love and appreciation for such a classic song. Thought I’d post my little rendition of it as well. Not as nearly as good as the queen’s but here is my attempt, lol. Enjoy. Also, be sure to check out my music IG account @_lo.annee. much love x Lo