Mr. George Lovett


Hubert Laws on flute
George Lovett

Have ya’ll ever stumble across an artist who reminds you of another artist?
Mr. Lovett reminds me of a young Hubert Laws. The way Laws speaks with his flute, he does with his voice. Not to mention his soulful whistles. 

Love me some Lovette. 
Hope it speaks to you the way it did me.
Check out his single Lovett’s single “Ruby”
IG @georgelovett
YT @GeorgeLovett

Enjoy xo



Matthew Johnson “I Smile” The Voice 2019

Man can this guy can blow!
It makes me incredibly happy to see his family supporting and grooving with him.
Johnson can brighten up the whole room as soon as he opens his mouth!
His runs are soo smoothly executed. He definitely belonged up there. Can’t wait to see Legend take him up under his wing.
Appreciated every bit of this performance. Hope ya’ll do too!

You could purchase the original single here:
I Smile

Shawn Sounds & Matthew Johnson: Luther Vandross “Never Too Much” The Voice Battles 2019

These guys are too much, my goodness!
Super excited to be keeping up with The Voice this season.
No shade or anything but definitely, got some real vocalists coming out hahaha.
Thanks to Legend! Look forward to seeing more from his team.

That range, agility, tone.. SEEEESH. Felt every part of this performance in my soul.
I have so many favorite parts! 1:40 & 2:59 should be a crime, MY LORD.
Can’t nobody get legend moving like that, haha.
Issa battle alright, but they just sounded so amazing together! Can’t even choose!
Like to this to see more of these two and many other talented singers! Enjoy, ya’ll xox.

Buy the original single here: Never Too Much

Internship with KJazz 88.1 FM: America’s Jazz and Blues Radio Station


So, I recently just got hired for an intern position at CSU Long Beach’s radio station KJazz 88.1. And to be quite honest, I am quite at a loss of words but at the same time I couldn’t be anymore excited. It’s been a couple days and this opportunity is still only sinking in. I am more than thankful and blessed to be given this opportunity as I feel as though I am only one step closer to where I aspire to be. I had the opportunity to meet Bubba Jackson, the host of the radio station, and also got to know some of the members at the office (who all seem like down-to-earth people). And for the first time, given the number of jobs I have worked at, I feel like I am in the right place, heading in the right direction. It’s incredible how things work themselves out. I initially signed up to volunteer for KJazz Pledge Drive that happened this past week (which turned out to be a great success) without any intentions of working for the company. However, in the midst of my performance, the director offered me an internship position (PAID). I honestly don’t know what I did to leave that impression, but in all modesty I could say I am proud of myself. Even though as an intern, I will not be doing anything with radio per say, it’s a nice and validating feeling to at least be surrounded by those whose occupation is radio production. And during my time there, I hope to at least build the right connects while also learning what I can about the non-profit sector. There’s a long road ahead of me and with much to endure, but I feel that there will be good things coming. Again, I feel like I am being guided in the right direction and is a sign of encouragement to keep pushing on. There’s new stuff for me to learn, new skills to develop, and new people to meet. And I am all here for it.

The X Factor UK 2018: Dalton Harris

Dalton Harris, the newest upcoming star of X Factor UK.
I can only hope people could hear the genuine talent in that voice. The guy is a diamond in the rough and I believe he has massive potential to be the next X Factory superstar. I only wish people believe in him as much as I do.
If ya’ll haven’t watched his performance, I’ll provide a link to my favorite performance of his thus far as I hope it is worth watching as it was for me, though I consider all his performances to be absolutely breathtaking.