Internship with KJazz 88.1 FM: America’s Jazz and Blues Radio Station


So, I recently just got hired for an intern position at CSU Long Beach’s radio station KJazz 88.1. And to be quite honest, I am quite at a loss of words but at the same time I couldn’t be anymore excited. It’s been a couple days and this opportunity is still only sinking in. I am more than thankful and blessed to be given this opportunity as I feel as though I am only one step closer to where I aspire to be. I had the opportunity to meet Bubba Jackson, the host of the radio station, and also got to know some of the members at the office (who all seem like down-to-earth people). And for the first time, given the number of jobs I have worked at, I feel like I am in the right place, heading in the right direction. It’s incredible how things work themselves out. I initially signed up to volunteer for KJazz Pledge Drive that happened this past week (which turned out to be a great success) without any intentions of working for the company. However, in the midst of my performance, the director offered me an internship position (PAID). I honestly don’t know what I did to leave that impression, but in all modesty I could say I am proud of myself. Even though as an intern, I will not be doing anything with radio per say, it’s a nice and validating feeling to at least be surrounded by those whose occupation is radio production. And during my time there, I hope to at least build the right connects while also learning what I can about the non-profit sector. There’s a long road ahead of me and with much to endure, but I feel that there will be good things coming. Again, I feel like I am being guided in the right direction and is a sign of encouragement to keep pushing on. There’s new stuff for me to learn, new skills to develop, and new people to meet. And I am all here for it.


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