10/13 Leona Lewis at Point Foundation, Los Angeles

Leona Lewis, Point Foundation LA

Ya’ll remember Leona Lewis, right? I remember her in the early days when she was first discovered on X Factor back in 2006. I had never heard a voice anything like it, her voice was heaven sent. Not only did she forever change the game of the X Factor, but she made me realize just how beautiful singing is. Being as young as I was, I really didn’t know if anyone could hear or feel the gift of her voice the way I did, but all I know was that it left me sad that I felt like nobody did.. More than 10 years later, I feel nostalgia when I hear X Factor on TV and I owe it to her. I am writing this post today because I just learned she performed at Point Foundation on 10/13, only about two weeks ago. For those who aren’t from LA, Point Foundation (a non profit organization for the LGBT community) is located in mid-wilshire (and is no farther than a 10 minute drive from where I live in Koreatown). Part of me feels sad that I missed out on this event since I was so close from watching my idol, who growing up listening to, perform live. So I thought I’d vent and share my rant here on WordPress (I mean look how beautiful she is! The woman does not age!) Haha. I have a short clip here of her performance at Point Foundation. If ya’ll were fans of her, I hope her performance gives you the same nostalgia it gave me. Thanks for sticking and reading up until the end. Much more content for ya’ll.

much love, much peace.


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