Aug 17th 2019: The Library Foundation’s Branching Out Series at the Los Angeles High Memorial Park w/ KJazz


I had the opportunity to attend an amazing event filled with great music.
I feel fortunate to have been invited by KJazz because it was an experience that shed light on the beauty of Jazz. I met my supervisor’s beautiful family, KJazz DJ Host LeRoy Downs all the while simply basking under the sun with the music playing in the background. LeRoy Downs shared some of his work with him (i.e. talks, interviews, podcasts, etc.) which I plan to check out and share with ya’ll. The band that played was The Peach Pie Trio, who was amazing featuring Joey De Leon who has worked with the likes of Queen Latifah, Juan Gabriel, and Cyndi Lauper. They even had a mini children’s book sale, where I bought several for my class which I know the kids will enjoy. Will share more about my journey as a music teacher in the upcoming. Below is some footage I took at the event.

You could read more about the event on the KJazz site here.


KJazz Summer Benefit Concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall 6/22/19

The talent in the room, phew!
Had the opportunity to attend my first Jazz concert to watch DeeDee Bridgewater, and was it such an incredible experience. So sad it ended so soon. So incredibly touched, so incredibly inspired. Only a reminder of how beautiful music is and how truly powerful it can be. Forever blessed to have witnessed all those who performed including the opening act of Raul Midón and Lionel Loueke and her musicians. Unfortunately, I was unable to record her performance but below is one of my favorite songs from her “Maybe Today” by Dee Dee Bridgewater. Incredible vocalist, as well as musicians!

Did a Little Thing: Studio Tour Visit ~

Visited the other studios at work today with the assistance and guidance of our kind and welcoming radio station staff. Absolutely amazing how the behind the scenes work. This is one of the three studios our hosts air radio music, talk shows, etc. for multiple radio stations including: kMozart 105.1 HD2, KJazz 88.1FM, and GoCountry 105. Tune in while ya’ll can!

Radio Station Studio, Los Angeles

Voice Over work with GoCountry 105 KKGO ~ I ALMOST made it to the air!!


Ahhh, never thought in a million years this would be possible.

Before I begin I thought I’d drop a little backstory for those who are not familiar with who I am and what my blog is about… So as you could probably infer from my blog, music is a passion of mine, one I only recently rediscovered as in my late teens. Fast forward 2 years late and I am currently interning for a radio station called KJazz 88.1FM located adjacent to radio station KKGO 105, also known as GoCountry. I’ve been with them for a while now (only possible through God’s grace), and am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have had with the radio station thus far. Though I am only an intern and my work mostly consists of admin/ office work, just being in a field that I am most passionate about suffice for me. Not only do I get to develop bother personally and professionally, but being present around those with the same passions just reminds me of my deeper purpose in life– which is to one day start my own nonprofit organization while also keeping my dreams of pursuing music alive as well.

So long story short, last week I was approached by the Production Director / Operations Manager of KKGO at my desk. Because we are often indulged in our own work at the office, I never got a chance to formally meet him since I had started working there. He began to introduce himself and asked if I had ever done some voice over work. I responded quite confused and responded with “Professionally, never”. Apparently it did not matter, because he invited me to the studio where he sat me down and had me rehearse a script about some advertising commercials. I honestly, had no idea what to expect, but all I knew was that I had never done something like this, but it didn’t exactly feel foreign either. To me, sitting right in front of a mic was where I belonged if that makes any sense. Things kinda flowed naturally for me and felt right. He proceeded to teach some lessons, dropping words like “elocution” describe how certain syllabus of a word are pronounced. After about 15 minutes of being in the studio, we cooked something up. He told me he was going to edit it just a bit and send me the final product. Before leaving he told me that he was impressed with my work and how I caught on fairly quick. He said he wouldn’t have guessed that it was my first time working on a voiceover project. For some reason, this compliment meant the world to me.. While it was a bit tough for me, all I knew was that I liked doing it. He planned to come up with new stuff for us to work on in the future to get something on the air. While my 10 minutes in the studio lasted only a short while, it was definitely worthwhile and a moment I will never forget.

While unfortunately this bit did not make it on the air as the client preferred a male voice for this commercial ad (I know!!), it’s crazy for me to say that I almost made it to the air! However, this experience definitely didn’t hurt and only has me looking forward to the future and what God has in store for me. Super super grateful and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Below is the script of commercial advertisement along with the recording:

“This weekend takeover’s brought to you by Hoffy Premium Beef Franks. Hoffy Franks are always the highest quality with great taste and bite. That’s why people say they’re cravelicious. Stop by Walmart and pick some up for your next barbecue.”

img_0970.png  img_0971-e1541886244899.png


Did some admin work today and got to know some of my office mates.
The office is much bigger than I thought, and people are hilarious and fun to talk to.
Wrote about 30 thank you letters, and couldn’t feel my hand anymore after it all.
Who knew standards would come back to haunt me years later at the work place..
Bunch of ideas, bunch of work to do. Creative juices are flowing.
Currently working on another article for 22WestMedia that I will be submitting soon.
Wrote it about KJazz and its’ new “Excursion” Program, excited for ya’ll to read it.
Telling myself it’s baby steps.
Also, I’m inspired to be posting more singing videos on my instagram which I will be sharing when the time’s right.
Thanks for tuning in with me ya’ll (that’s radio talk might be rubbing off on me haha)

Until next time.

Much love, much peace.

Internship with KJazz 88.1 FM: America’s Jazz and Blues Radio Station


So, I recently just got hired for an intern position at CSU Long Beach’s radio station KJazz 88.1. And to be quite honest, I am quite at a loss of words but at the same time I couldn’t be anymore excited. It’s been a couple days and this opportunity is still only sinking in. I am more than thankful and blessed to be given this opportunity as I feel as though I am only one step closer to where I aspire to be. I had the opportunity to meet Bubba Jackson, the host of the radio station, and also got to know some of the members at the office (who all seem like down-to-earth people). And for the first time, given the number of jobs I have worked at, I feel like I am in the right place, heading in the right direction. It’s incredible how things work themselves out. I initially signed up to volunteer for KJazz Pledge Drive that happened this past week (which turned out to be a great success) without any intentions of working for the company. However, in the midst of my performance, the director offered me an internship position (PAID). I honestly don’t know what I did to leave that impression, but in all modesty I could say I am proud of myself. Even though as an intern, I will not be doing anything with radio per say, it’s a nice and validating feeling to at least be surrounded by those whose occupation is radio production. And during my time there, I hope to at least build the right connects while also learning what I can about the non-profit sector. There’s a long road ahead of me and with much to endure, but I feel that there will be good things coming. Again, I feel like I am being guided in the right direction and is a sign of encouragement to keep pushing on. There’s new stuff for me to learn, new skills to develop, and new people to meet. And I am all here for it.