Music Mondays Series

Been in a deep funk recently.
Wrote somethin in the middle of night.. thought I’d share this with ya’ll.
excuse the language.

instrumental: What’s Poppin’ by Jack Harlow

Can ya’ll define what oppression is?
Seem to me, ya’ll aint getting it (no)
ain’t just a protest, it’s more than this
it’s fighting against injustices
put em up; clench your fist
If you real you here for it
before you act like it don’t exist
… check your privilege
post on TW, call it kinship
that’s why a bitch stay bitchin’
time will tell if your energy fits it
sip my tea, mind my business
stay my lane, move relentless
plead the 5th, no witness
she read books; she also read bitches

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