Music Mondays Series

Been in a deep funk recently.
Wrote somethin in the middle of night.. thought I’d share this with ya’ll.
excuse the language.

instrumental: What’s Poppin’ by Jack Harlow

Can ya’ll define what oppression is?
Seem to me, ya’ll aint getting it (no)
ain’t just a protest, it’s more than this
it’s fighting against injustices
put em up; clench your fist
If you real you here for it
before you act like it don’t exist
… check your privilege
post on TW, call it kinship
that’s why a bitch stay bitchin’
time will tell if your energy fits it
sip my tea, mind my business
stay my lane, move relentless
plead the 5th, no witness
she read books; she also read bitches

Music Mondays

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

well, it’s been a cool minute since I’ve posted any of my songwriting/ poetry.
It might actually be almost a whole year since I posted my last #musicmonday pieces (though I’ve been doing plenty behind the scenes).. so I thought today is the day to do so. I have a journal of them & have been writing a lot more for my voisey too which you can follow me @lorrainebau.. can’t wait to share the rest of them with you every week! These are a couple short ones I pulled out, let me know if you’d like me to post more of my pieces

ps: I will posting new covers/snippets more frequently soon which you can find either on my Youtube or Instagram
Thank you again all for sticking around much love x Lo

didn’t know a pain like this
can make me feel estranged like this
watched as life passed by, is there anything I missed?
don’t mean to contradict
just got some issues I wanna fix
I aint got no other wish
but to be the baddest in the mix.. ♪

♪ looked out my window
not a plain soul in sight [noo]
kills me that I won’t be
goin nowhere tonight
feel so lonely
grab my voice
and I cave in
what do I do
stuck in my room
starin’ the moon
watching the news
plottin’ my move
aint ready to lose [ya, ya] 2x ♪