Music Inspiration: Ari Lennox

If Ari can do it, so can I! That’s what true inspiration does, to make you feel purposeful and alive! So glad to have had been blessed with a moment of clarity and epiphany to really re-evaluate my life decisions and choices for a better, happier, and more fulfilled future. And all it took was some self-love. (and I mean healing, self-reflection, and patience which isn’t light or easy but you know what I mean). I know this is only the tip of the iceberg for me.. but I also know I have so much time and opportunity ahead of me. Here is to fighting and chasing for your dreams, and no one or nothing will be getting in my way. Throw back to earlier this year during my first performance right before Covid hit. Definitely using this time to recollect myself and hone in my abilities as a singer songwriter, couldn’t feel anymore grateful or blessed. Like I had mentioned, I am working on a few projects so please stay tuned for new music. Only up from here. and to the moon.. Who’s your inspiration? in anything.. doesn’t have to be music! Would love to read your responses below. much love x Lo

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