My Vocal Journey & Progression

So as I promised, I would like to document my vocal progress, more frequently that is, with you guys here. I have gotten questions via my singing instagram account (which you should check out at the.hnl) that I thought I should address them here as well. If you are an aspiring singer yourself or simply would like to better your voice, there are so many ways you can go about doing so properly and safely. In following these tips you can maintain your voice by keeping your voice healthy & in shape. I thought I’d share the quickest ways (since I am always on the go) that I’ve discovered through taking lessons and researching the pool of knowledge we call the Internet. Just a disclaimer, by all means, am I no professional or certified vocal coach. However, I have done my research by other certified vocal teachers who have taught me these tools! And these methods have proved tried & true in my own vocal journey. For those who are interested, keep on reading!

This is a no brainer, but I always ensure that my vocals are hydrated before practicing or even singing for leisure. Singing with dry vocals can further damage your voice and lead to vocal problems in the long run.

Pretty much any tea could do, but I personally prefer green tea. Green tea and honey are much more soothing for your voice. Warm liquids is always better than having cold liquids.

I had no idea but humming is actually a way to massage your vocal chords without applying too much pressure. You can do this in public or even if you’re not the only person around without creating too much sound.

Warm Up’s/ Exercises
Tongue rolls
Siren sounds
Vocal fry
Inhaling through nose, exhaling through mouth in short breathes
-(as tongue is stretched out)

For Warm Up’s/Exercises, you can gain access to videos on Youtube which demonstrate in more details how to execute them.
Be careful, safe, and don’t do you anything you’re unsure as you are prone to vocal injury!

Much love in music,

x Lo


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