Sit Down Talk with KJazz DJ Host Bubba Jackson

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Dee Dee Bridgewater, Live in Paris

Wow, feeling incredibly blessed .. just had the opportunity to have a sit down talk with Mr. Bubba Jackson, our DJ host at KJazz 88.1FM and he shared some valuable knowledge and insight (&& not mention some schooling, haha) not only about his own background/upbringing but about the music industry and historical background of black music in America & its introduction to Europe. As an intern for KJazz, my goal was to share some of his experience at the Summer Benefit Concert that took place June 22nd.

Instead, and thankfully so, Bubba graciously gave the whole 9 yards and shared a passion that goes beyond mere surprise, delight and amazement of the performance. The subject of our discussion grappled with the idea behind the importance of cultural history in understanding where the music of an artist comes from, and how music can be deep representation of a culture’s experience. Bubba shares, ““When a singer sings, the melody & lyrics come togetherYou just don’t hear it, you feel it. When Dee Dee sings she sings from the inside, out, from her inner soul. She took a sound from her background laid it out and startled people (in Europe). She didn’t walk away from where she’s from. She left her trademark. For me, that’s why she is an icon.” I couldn’t agree more on. Throughout the discussion, while I fervently took notes as Bubba spoke, I was also all ears. He articulated everything in a way that simply made sense, only confirming everything I believed about music and singing, something I have learned to not take very lightly

We continued to talk about artists varying from Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone && of course the Ms. Dee Dee Bridgewater and I was completely entranced in his discussion that we lost track of time. No other place I was meant to be. Bubba even gifted me this CD to take a listen to. So extremely grateful. Anyway, he shared much more music and amazing material that I am excited about and have yet to research and share with ya’ll. I will also be sharing the link to the KJazz newsletter with our talk included, this upcoming month in August for those who are interested in tuning in. Thanks for reading this far ya’ll have a great day & much love.


Lorraine A.

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