The Voice: Filipino Singer Jej Vinson Impresses Judges with rendition of Drake’s “Passionfruit”

It’s moments like this that fill me with pride to be filipino. There are countless filipino singers who have made to singing competitions over the years, who have helped to put the Philippines on the map. Not to mention, to show the world of their gifts and talents. Singers include Jasmine Trias, Jessica Sanchez, young Angelica Hale to name a few. This season, Mr. Jej Vinson, is bringing something else to the table with his tremendous talent. The moment he hit his first run I knew there was something different to his voice. It sounded like he had some gospel/ church influences, and it turned out he did.. He performs at a church as a worship singer. His style of singing put me on a high, and really sparked something in me. And I believe that’s what good music does. The way he carried the song sent goosebumps throughout the crowd, all four judgements pressed the button. It inspired me to want to deliver that same energy, one day, in my own performance, too.

As a little girl, I have always known that I loved to sing. I had a deep desire to become a singer, and I didn’t understand where it came from. I just knew I liked to do it and had a certain ability that my peers didn’t quite possess.. But it wasn’t until when I grew older that it was because its from my blood. Now at 22, I know for sure that singing will always remain in my future. Regardless of what I do, what I become, where the future takes me, my goal is to share my love for music. Not to gain popularity, not to be famous, not to be a star, but simply to share my love and passion for music. I hate talking about it sometimes because I feel as though it makes me pretentious, idk what better way to explain it. But it’s how I feel. I’ve grown tired of dreaming about, thinking about, and simply just want to do it. And it’s moments like this when I find inspiration and a sense of purpose.. Here’s to my people. If ya’ll would like to watch Jej’s performance on The Voice, I recommend ya’ll to watch/ read more about it here. Enjoy.



    1. Ah, I just checked her out! She’s amazing! I can’t believe I didn’t know about her sooner. I guess music is really strong in filipino blood.. unfortunate how things happened with her, but I appreciate that you shared with me! Thank you!

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  1. Rose Fostanes—Israel’s Got Talent winner —a few years ago. Filipinos do have talent. I should know because I used to live in the Philippines before living here in Canada.


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