Help: Creative Block

hey guys, so as you may or may not know… art is one of my passions. I love to draw and simply create. Recently, however, I’ve been having sort of a creative block, if you will, so I haven’t quite had the creatives juices flowing to draw again. I’ve wanted to add some new pieces on my art page for a while now so I thought I’d reach out to ya’ll for some help. I’ve received positive feedback for my art, which again I am so thankful.. I appreciate all the kind words! I promised ya’ll more content so here it goes. What should my next piece be? PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST TO WAKE THE ARTIST IN ME. If ya’ll have any ideas or requests you know I’d love to hear them! I’ll take absolutely any ideas you may have, I hope you know I always take your feedback to consideration. I’ll also give credit as well, of course. If you missed it, check out my art work here. Leave ’em below so I can get to more creating for ya’ll! I’d love to feature your ideas on my page!


  1. You have such talent! Might I suggest visiting my blog on Fridays and see what you can make from my writing prompts? For instance, my prompt last week was “affirm.” What represents an affirmation to you that you’re an artist? If it’s the tools you use, draw them. Feel free to link back to my prompt with your stream of consciousness art! 😀
    Nice to meet you! Thanks for the invitation to visit. 🙂

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    1. ah that sounds like a great idea i’ll be sure to check out your blog to come up with some ideas. super excited to check out your blog and see what I can do. No Thank YOU i really appreciate your feedback and support! much love!

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