Hey ya’ll. My apologies for not posting as frequently. I plan to as soon as the semester is over and I have more time to put into my blog.
For the meanwhile, I appreciate ya and thanks for sticking around!

This is for all you soft-rock heads out there.
I’m studying for my music exam and am reviewing the great soft punk era of the 70’s. One of the artists include the Carpenters who are CSULB Alumni. Our school honors their legacy and have named our Performance Center after them― The Carpenter Performing Arts Center. I’m filled with pride to know that they stepped the very grounds I walk everyday.
Anyway, I compiled a short and sweet playlist of a few of my favorite songs from the soft rock era. Rock on ya’ll 🤘🏻

The Carpenters, “Close To You” 1970
Fleetwood Mac, “Dreamers” 2005
The Eagles, “One of These Nights” 1975

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