Terrell Show: Song Association with Cynthia Erivo

Know this one is a bit old but worth posting nonetheless! Saw Cynthia Erivo on the front page of a magazine at the grocery store the other day, so here is a video of her at the Terrell Show. You’re welcome 🙂

Aretha Franklin “What you See Is What you Sweat”

Ya’ll if this song doesn’t get you up & moving, stirring your soul.. oof! child!
I don’t know what will! So, so, so grateful to have grown up with such legendary artists to bless my soul & ears

He’s sweatin’, he’s got to conquer, he’s sweatin’ by the hour
He’s sweatin’, he’s got the taste, still sweatin’ on the flower
He’s sweatin’, he can’t stand it
He’s makin’ moves that’s how he planned it
He’s not satisfied with the best, he’ got to check out all the rest

Shawn Sounds Impresses The Voice Judges with “All My Life”

Ahh, not one bit surprised! Have been following this phenomenal talent on Instagram for the longest time and I am beyond excited that he’s finally joined The Voice. “Sounds”, it’s in his name. Definitely can’t fight a calling! He’s been in the shadows for a while now and I can’t wait for more people to know about his gift. Talent like his really sparks a fire in me, and I am glad others are slowly discovering him too. As an aspiring artist, I respect Sound’s humility. Alongside being a singer, Sound is also an elementary teacher and at 33, finally decided to compete on The Voice. Definitely one of my idols in the show. I think talents like him really helps to spice things up for the show for me. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself here! Truly a force to be reckoned with… Last year, I predicted Dalton Harris to be the winner of X factor 2018, and I wasn’t wrong! I only hope it would be the same this year and wouldn’t disappoint again this time around. Peace and love to ya’ll!

Brandy Norwood: The Vocal Bible

Nothin’ like those old school 90’s vibes.

Song Title: Baby
Release Date: 1994
Record Label: Atlantic

Baby baby baby baby
You know that you’re so fine
Baby baby baby baby
Think about you all the time


Song Title: Sittin' Up In My Room
Release Date: 1995
Record Label: Arista

Be sitting up in my room
Back here thinking ’bout you
I’m just a mess with a plan for you


You could purchase both singles here:
Sittin’ Up In My Room