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so grateful for everyone who has trusted their order with my thus far. and so appreciative that I reach my quota! If ya’ll are looking for help on your track I do vocal production and songwriting! Cant’t wait to see what magic we come up with. see ya’ll there! much love x Lo

New Song Piece

hi guys, been a minute but thought it was time to share with ya’ll some new lyrics I had been cooking up during covid. Lately, I have really been into rap, doing my research listening to hip cats like Wu-Tang, Jay Z, Eminem, Tu Pac, etc. and even with modern day rap because the game […]

Music Mondays

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! well, it’s been a cool minute since I’ve posted any of my songwriting/ poetry. It might actually be almost a whole year since I posted my last #musicmonday pieces (though I’ve been doing plenty behind the scenes).. so I thought today is the day to do so. I have a journal […]