Sam Smith Music Overdue, but Delivers with “How Do You Sleep” (2019)


Soo, I woke up this morning to this video on my Youtube recommendations and I have no disappointment.
After some long-awaited time, Sam Smith has decided to reappear and swoon us once again. This time with his hips.. literally.
His hip sways in the music video is giving us all life, Mr. Smith hitting us with his dance moves and vocals. As if them vocals weren’t enough, & let’s not forget about his cute background dancers too, phew! Like if ya’ll been missing the Sam Smith vibes like I have & also, for more content/ updates on today’s music pop culture.



Pop Music: “Dancing With A Stranger”

Soo, if ya’ll have been following me for a while, you must know that I am a huge fan of R&B/ Soul music. For me, R&B/Soul music is where my heart lies. I love old school music like Maxwell, John, Brandy, Boyz ll Men, the list goes on.. However, I do love my share of pop music. Occasionally, there are definitely some pop songs that do move me. And when I do find one that strikes me in an unusual/ enticing way, my first thought is to share it with you guys on here as I always do. One in particular is “Dancing With A Stranger” by Sam Smith & Normani. There’s something very soulful and deep about Sam Smith’s voice that balances out with Normani’s high soprano vocals. For me, it gives the song balance and not to mention, the message of the song that feels familiar and relevant. It’s been a while since it was first released, but something about it stuck with me.. Below, is the official music video for those who have yet to see it. Hope it meant something for ya’ll as it did for me. Enjoy, xox.

If you like the song, you could purchase it here: Dancing With A Stranger