Life Update: Pinterest & Etsy Shop

As you may be aware, I have been working steadily on my Pinterest account which is pretty much an extension of my blog highsnlows.
For those who have visited from here, I just wanted to thank ya’ll for the growing views! On a personal note, it feels to good to have my work appreciated and seen, even if it’s just a view or click. On my Pinterest, I share my love for music through vintage pictures of all kinds artists including the legend & the greats, of whom might be your favorite as well. Please check out my account here at @lorrainebau. Hope it brings you some level of joy in your day.

Secondly, as I had announced yearly (this will be my second announcement excuse the excitement haha), I have officially launched my new Etsy shop @ChainofArts, where I will be sharing my love for jewelry making and visual arts. I spend a lot of time creating stuff that are special to me and hope to share further in the community in the future. If you have a chance, please head over to my shop and see if there might be anything you would like to gift for yourself or your loved ones. You will also see the link to my Etsy shop on my Pinterest account as well! More pieces and art work will be coming soon.

@ChainofArts was first created in 2017, however, it was recently that I became active on it.
I haven’t made any sales online as of now, but I hope to change that soon as I continue to dedicate more time and add more stuff to the site!

Click here to purchase Stone Gem Necklace on Etsy

Click here to purchase Friendship Chevron Bracelet on Etsy

As I always like to say, I really do enjoying putting in the time, effort, and love into all the content I make for you guys.
Super glad for the day ones and for all new follows! Wouldn’t know where this blog would be without ya’ll.

much love,
x Lo

Reached 1.3k Monthly Views on Pinterest

thank you so much for everyone who has visited my Pinterest account! Couldn’t be doing what I do without you guys.

Means so much that my stuff interests you all as I continue to share my passion and love for the music.

For those who are new, my Pinterest consists of pictures of legendaries artists who ruled: Pop, Country, Soul, Gospel, Funk, etc. and within those genres, I have divided them into eras. I chose pictures that would take the viewer back in time where the music brought people together, like a time capsule. I am pretty selective with my pictures as I hope they bring you back a real sense of nostalgia (even if you didn’t grow up in the era like myself lol). You can check out my Pinterest page here.

Again, much love & got new content on its way.

x Lo

Update: Pinterest

So excited to announce that my Pinterest account is growing and was shocked to find close to 5k viewers who have checked out my account since the last month I’ve created it. I also wanted to take the time to thank all of ya’ll who have paid a visit thus far. It means a lot when people follow and take notice of the hard work I put into my content and side business. For those who have been with me since day one (back in 2016 when I first created highsnlows), I am sure you have seen the evolution of what my blog has become which has become a documentation of my passion and love for the arts, social justice issues, and of course, music. And my Pinterest is very much an extension of my passion for music. For those interested, my Pinterest account contains an array of different genres including: jazz, rock n roll, gospel, funk, soul, country, etc. And each genre is divided into decades, to showcase the evolution of music. You’ll find a range of both vintage and contemporary music. In spite of all the doubt & fears, I’ve had about music, I am still so glad I have stuck by it because to me, good music matters more than anything close to me. It brings nostalgia, uplifts you, connects people, conveys messages of important issues otherwise difficult to discuss openly in conversation, and most importantly for me, makes me feel whole; nothing helps me make sense of the world more than music. Anyhow, that is my rant for today thank you again for sticking by or even visiting. Take a peak at my Pinterest here as I hope something in it brings you some level of joy.

much love xLo