“Make It Better” Anderson Paak ft. Smokey Robinson (2019)

Just stumbled across an upcoming artist who goes by the name Anderson Paak. Love his old school, laidback aesthetic. It feels authentic, raw, and candid. Unfiltered. As an aspiring artist myself, I am discovering my own taste in sound and presentation. And after hearing this single, it hits home. As you may or may not know as a follower of highsnlows, I have always found comfort in old school music. I did not realize how much I loved it until I began to explore different artists of the genre, which first inspired me to create this blog and further share music that I find great and needs more recognition, or simply re-celebrated. Anyhow, Thanks for sticking with me ya’ll. As someone who identifies as a creative, I am only excited to show you guys what I create from all these hidden gems I find.


♪ Oh baby, do you want to make it better?
Do you want to stay together? ♪