Find Me On Fiverr!

This is for all my artists/ musicians out there, who are looking for a music collaboration!! I am currently offering singing and songwriting services on FIVERR. I have been meaning to do something like this for a while and it is so great that I get to connect with so many of you from different […]

New Art Piece

New art piece on the site inspired by the social and political climate today. I will be starting a new series on ‘art activism’ as I feel that is where my heart and purpose lay at the moment. While in my heart I know I feel a tinge of regret in not participating in the […]

Music Moves In Me

Hi Ya’ll soo I’m fully aware that all classes are cancelled this year due to the circumstances of COVID-19. However, I thought I’d inform you for the future and let you know about an amazing program I had the privilege of working at for the past year pre-covid. While I had a liking towards children, […]

Music Mondays

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! well, it’s been a cool minute since I’ve posted any of my songwriting/ poetry. It might actually be almost a whole year since I posted my last #musicmonday pieces (though I’ve been doing plenty behind the scenes).. so I thought today is the day to do so. I have a journal […]