New Content: IG @the.highsnlows

Just posted new content on my music IG, which you can find here.
Currently working to post more covers of my favorite tunes on there, so check it out!
Promise to not disappoint..

Much Love,

x Lo

New Instagram Account

Hey ya’ll,

I’ve been meaning to share this with ya’ll for a while. If ya’ll really feelin’ the old school vibes and are currently looking for some music inspiration, I recommend ya’ll to follow my other account on Instagram @_highznlowz (if you do happen to use IG).┬áThe entire account is dedicated to old school legends of Soul to RnB to celebrate their legacy and make sure they aren’t forgotten. I put a lot of love into that account as well so it would mean a lot if you could check it out. I’m still building it so more content is on its way! Got some more stuff for ya’ll to check out.


IG @_highznlowz