Book Review: “I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai

Finally finished the book and promised you a review on “I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai! In short, the book is based on a true story about a young Pakistan girl who gets shot by the Taliban for her efforts in achieving higher education for children. The incident was a result of Malala’s resistance against the Taliban’s act of integrating Islamic, views, values and beliefs into the country’s system and publicly condemning anyone choosing to conform to western views instead. As a bright, intelligent, kind-hearted, wise, and talented young individual, I find a lot of Malala’s qualities and characteristics quite admirable. In the book, she speaks about both her fears and dreams that have propelled her to begin and continue on her journey in spite of the perils and danger caused by the Taliban. Her bravery and courage inspires me to remain hopeful and have faith for God’s purpose for my own journey, as I hope it will for those who also pick up the book as well. 10/10 recommend.

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Miss Universe 2018: Catriona Gray on Philippines & Poverty

Lately I have been on a binge with Miss Universe 2018.. She is so admirable in many ways. In the video she share her experience as a young adolescent, who like myself & many others, was lost in her early years of adulthood. So she turned to volunteer work to seek inspiration. She volunteered in a poverish area in the Philippines working alongside an organization called Young Focus Philippines. where she found children with potential who didn’t have opportunity or any guidance. She shares that “there are 7/10 filipino children don’t have dream & the number one reason is that no one believed in them.. poverty is fourth, it’s actually lack of support system”. As someone who grew up in a family with no support or guidance myself, I found this quite relatable and astonishing. I only hope to emulate in her footsteps and make an impact in whichever way or size that may be.. Anyhow, I admire that she is using the platform of pageantry to address these concerns and be an inspiration to those reading for their dreams. So down to earth. True Miss Universe in my book.