Happy Belated Birthday Prince ♕

Just a few days late, but thought this was worth a post. Happy birthday to the Prince, Prince! One of my classic idols who showed me the beauty of music. ♕

“I don’t really care so much what people say about me because it usually is a reflection of who they are” – Prince

“Sometimes it takes years for a person to become an overnight success” – Prince

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When Doves Cry by Prince

Turn of A New Page: New Position for a Music Company

Hi guys!!

I’m so excited to announce that I just got hired as a music teacher for a company whose prime mission is to promote music education for the youth through birthday parties and regular music classes. The company is called Music Moves In Me and is located here in Los Angeles, California. As a “Birthday Party Enthusiast”, as the position is named, I will be working with the small ones by helping host birthday parties while also engaging the children with musical instruments and getting them to engage their bodies and their senses to music activities that the team and I will be planning and strategizing— hence the name “Music Movies In Me”. As part of my responsibilities, I have the privilege of helping to create content and further build the companies’ social media platforms– which is the main primary focus of my job position. I hope that as I grow with the company, I will strengthen our online presence by presenting potential clients with videos and pictures of moments created here in Music Moves In Me. I’m super stoked for what the company has in store for both me and my team members along with the talents and skills I can offer to the company to help MMIM grow. Most importantly, I am excited to create new bonds with my wonderful & talented boss, Calia, along with my team mates. While the physical activities and lesson plans are vital to making the mission of Moves In Me possible, marketing and promotion is equally just as important to making the company reach its fullest potential. Again, there is so much to learn and so much to accomplish, I am looking forward to the next couples months of training and the school year to help continue the mission of educating and keeping good music around. Stick around for updates, coming soon!

Feel free to check out my bio down below or on the MMIM site here ! && as well as sign up for potential classes for your little ones if you’re within the SoCal area!

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$tupid Young “From the Block to the Top”

Barely got put on with this guy. Let me say this guy is fire and hella underrated. I rarely post about rap, but this guy is straight Fuego. hardest asian rapper in the game right now. Was just talking about a lack of asian representation in my other post, and this guy was heaven sent forreals. Ya’ll know I don’t appreciate that fake unoriginal music, and this guy aint it. He got a little backstory too, growing up Cambodian from East Long Beach. Humble, down to earth dude who’s been through it. Watch his freestyles if ya’ll don’t believe me. He come straight off the dome. Nothin’ but mad respect for this guy.

Happy Birthday to Big Poppa!

I know I’m a bit late, but happy belated birthday to the King, Notorious B.I.G. ♕

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York originally known as Christopher George Latore Wallace, Biggie became one of the faces of the hip hop culture. His craft as a rapper slowly became iconic in the game and he gained the respect of many in the community reaching nationwide commercial success. Biggie’s has carved a path for aspiring artists to never stop believing in oneself, even in the face of rejection and doubt. Confidence comes from within. If one doesn’t believe in himself or herself, then who will? Notorious B.I.G. is continually celebrated even in today’s music culture and will continued to be missed.

R.I.P. to one of the greats.

“Stay far from timid only make moves when your hearts in it and live the phrase skys the limit.” – Notorious B.I.G.

♪ You know very well
Who you are
Don’t let ’em hold you down
Reach for the stars
You had a goal
But not that many
‘Cause you’re the only one
I’ll give you good and plenty ♪

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