500 Posts: Thank You!!

I’d like to thank all my followers old and new who have joined me on my journey here on Chain of Arts and have been showing their support thus far. As a result, it only encourages me to keep going. This is a reminder to anyone who would like to achieve a dream and creative […]

New Song Piece

hi guys, been a minute but thought it was time to share with ya’ll some new lyrics I had been cooking up during covid. Lately, I have really been into rap, doing my research listening to hip cats like Wu-Tang, Jay Z, Eminem, Tu Pac, etc. and even with modern day rap because the game […]

Hi guys, missed ya’ll & the art. As promised, I told y’all I’ll be working more on my craft and sharing my journey with ya’ll. Now that I am settled in my new place, I have the equipment, time and creative space to create the work I want to create for ya’ll. Here’s a rough […]

Photography ~

Just thought I’d drop in and leave some pictures for ya’ll to check out for those who haven’t yet checked out my Photography page, especially for those looking for inspiration. I know for me, at least, I haven’t found much photography inspiration maybe since my mind’s kinda been occupied with work and all, but I […]