New Account on Pinterest

As you know sole objective behind my site is spread my love and knowledge for arts & the music– which is what in part led me to create a Pinterest account!

I know for me, and as many others do too, I used to think Pinterest was a way to solely find aesthetic/ cute pictures to browse (which it’s fantastic for) but it didn’t occur to me that I could also use it as a platform to attract more audience to my site, and in effect, inspire may art/ music fanatics out there (woo hoo). It’s crazy how much opportunity there are out there with a simple touch on your mouse pad. I feel more than ready to really put myself out there & create a brand that I have always dreamt of creating. (And again, I thank you each of you for your support & encouragement to allow me to do so)

Anyhow, on my account, I created boards which are organized into an array of genres including: pop, country, soul, jazz, rock, etc. And within those genres, I have divided them into era’s which I think will make it that much easier for viewer to consume & also provide all visitors with a timeline behind the music & artists– as history is important in learning, conceptualizing, and understanding the evolution of music world today.

I am so excited by what I have come up with so far & only hoped it has inspired you. Whether that means searching up a music video on Youtube just to relisten to it, researching a song out of curiosity, or maybe bringing you back in a time or place in your life that evokes some feeling. My Pinterest account will act as extension of to my site, and am stoked for you guys to check it out!

You can find me on Pinterest here.

“Old Town Road” Lil Was X & Billy Ray Cyrus

“Old Town Road” has been climbing the charts and there is plenty of controversy spewing about this new release. Who would of that country and trap would be a trend? We are slowly singing a shift in music, and this song might be the first we will see of 2019. I am not going to lie and say its not low-key fire cause it really is catchy. However, country radio stations are not in favor of this new hit single. They refuse to air it frequently and many are speculating its in actually due to racial reasoning as producers claim there is an issue in “compositional arrangement”. However, we all know that since the beginning black music always had a huge influence on white folk music. But reverse it, and it is unacceptable… its quite funny actually. Why can’t we simply enjoy music for what it is? Feel free to continue reading the details here on New York Times to find more details. In the meanwhile, hope ya’ll enjoy the video if you have yet to hear it.

If you’re a fan, feel free to purchase it here: Old Town Road (Remix)