Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives (2017) Netflix Documentary

American record producer, A&R executive, music industry executive, and lawyer, Clive Davis, is one of today’s top driving music business’ mogul. The death of Davis’ parents propelled him to pursuit a career in law before becoming president of Colombia. After working with Colombia from 1967- 1973, he then founded and was head of Arista in 1975-2000. Unlike other A&Rs, Davis showed a great passion and genuine care for his artists. After Davis was kicked out of Arista for making too much money, he was brought back and later worked with J records. As Davis shares in the film, Davis loved the process of working and helping artists achieve “hit songs” and was driven by his love for music. While Davis faced with his issues of legal struggles, it was a certain level of fear that caused Davis to succeed in the business and making long lasting relationships with top music celebrities i.e. the great Whitney Houston. Another mogul, I’d love to meet in my own journey as an artist. 10/10 recommend.

UNSPECIFIED – JANUARY 01: Photo of Clive Davis (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Vlog Diaries: Jones Bridge Park

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golden hour ☀️🌿

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Visited an amazing family park not too long ago here in Johns Creek, Georgia.
It was very serene and scenic, with a lake that stretched distances away and families of ducks swimming in the water.
Great place to not only spend time with loved ones but also to take gorgeous pictures and footage.

Lisa Fischer: “How Can I Ease The Pain” (1991 R&B)

Known about Ms. Fischer for a while, but after watching the documentary 20 ft From Freedom, I knew I had to dig into her music. Her sound and voice is angel that it really takes you into a spiritual realm. I respect that in spite of her tremendous talent, she still chose to live a humble life. Mad respect.

Fischer was an icon in 80’s/ early 90’s. During her peak she was performing alongside greats like Luther Vandross, Tina Turner, and performed with the Rolling Stones. And later parted ways to discover her own sound. Amazing vocalist I must say.

How can I ease the pain
When I know your coming back again
How can I ease the pain in my heart
How can I ease the pain

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