“One Sweet Day” Mariah Carey, Boyz ll Men

It’s phenomenal when artists sound the exact same live. This is a performance of Mariah Carey & Boyz ll Men singing “One Sweet Day” at Madison Square Garden in 1995. I appreciate raw, authentic vocals. And I feel like that was the staple for most 90’s music unlike in today’s generation where autotune is the next cool thing. Growing up, it never made sense for me and still doesn’t. This performance reminds me of how great music used to be back then, meaningful and full of substance and just pure soul. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good jams out today since then but I don’t think they are as appreciative of the vocal ability that is so present in much more old school, classic songs. Some artists who have followed like Alicia keys, Beyonce. But Mariah’s voice has always hit me in a different way for some reason. Maybe it has to do with the instant gratification and the quick easy money that comes with pop culture today, but it saddens me that music evolved dramatically. Maybe great music is out there but has yet to see the light. Only time could tell. Anyway t’was my rant, Boyz II Men’s vocals and harmony has always been so UNDERRATED and Mariah Carey’s ability to keep up with the boys and simply just make this song more powerful than it is is just an indescribable feeling. ugh, soul music is just something else man.

I know performing a Mariah Carey is just vocal suicide.. but I appreciate when artists attempt it and sound good and the potential there is evident. The closest one I found is this, performed by Khel, Bugoy, Daryl Ong and Ms. Katrina Velarde, a Filipina singer. ┬áHope ya’ll enjoy. xox.

You could purchase the original here:
One Sweet Day