Korean Soul sing Gospel Song “The Question Is” with Bebe Winans (2019)

The Bebe Winans found some soul in the city of Seoul. So great to see  different cultures comes together for music– especially when it comes to music like soul. Can really feel the soul when the brothers sing. Only inspires me to keep pushing for asian representation in soul/ gospel music.

Lorraine xox

$tupid Young “From the Block to the Top”

Barely got put on with this guy. Let me say this guy is fire and hella underrated. I rarely post about rap, but this guy is straight Fuego. hardest asian rapper in the game right now. Was just talking about a lack of asian representation in my other post, and this guy was heaven sent forreals. Ya’ll know I don’t appreciate that fake unoriginal music, and this guy aint it. He got a little backstory too, growing up Cambodian from East Long Beach. Humble, down to earth dude who’s been through it. Watch his freestyles if ya’ll don’t believe me. He come straight off the dome. Nothin’ but mad respect for this guy.