New Art Piece

Worked on a new piece that resonated with me and speaks to the social climate today.
Hope it resonates with you as well.
I also just started her book Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, and I will definitely keep you posted on it.
Please feel free to check out my other art work on art page as well.

As I had mentioned in my earlier posts.. I am considering to pursue freelance as an artist.
And based on your guys’ feedback, it seems like something ya’ll were interested in.
Ask and you shall receive.. I will be posting my artwork for sale very very soon.

Thank you for your support on my site ya’ll!

much love x Lo

Freelance: New Art Work

I’ve added a few pieces to my art portfolio.
Feel free to check them out here. Definitely have been getting my creative juices flowing again. Feelin’ a bit rusty, but it feels good to get my pen on paper again. Great way to alleviate the stress. I am recently learning how to draw calligraphy and experimenting with patterns/ shapes, which I hope for you to see more of.

Please feel free to message/ comment for freelance work.

much love,

lo x


Hi guys,

missed ya’ll & the art.

As promised, I told y’all I’ll be working more on my craft and sharing my journey with ya’ll. Now that I am settled in my new place, I have the equipment, time and creative space to create the work I want to create for ya’ll. Here’s a rough sketch of what I have going on so far. I would love to sell some of my art pieces for ya’ll and would like to know if ya’ll would be interested in purchasing. I could also make custom work as well. Feel free to comment and like this post so I have an idea.

Much love,


6B Drawing Pencil, Ms. Mariah Carey

Possibly Selling Art Work (?)

Hi guys,

As you guys may or may not know, I really like to create art.
Lately, I’ve entertained the idea of some day selling some of my art work whether that be a full on portrait, drawings, or simple sketches. You can find some of my art work here. If ya’ll would be interested in seeing more art work, and perhaps purchasing some please let me know. I will definitely be making more time to create and I really can’t be anymore excited. Please let me know or simply like this post so I have some what of an idea!

much love, much peace