New Art Piece

Worked on a new piece that resonated with me and speaks to the social climate today.
Hope it resonates with you as well.
I also just started her book Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, and I will definitely keep you posted on it.
Please feel free to check out my other art work on art page as well.

As I had mentioned in my earlier posts.. I am considering to pursue freelance as an artist.
And based on your guys’ feedback, it seems like something ya’ll were interested in.
Ask and you shall receive.. I will be posting my artwork for sale very very soon.

Thank you for your support on my site ya’ll!

much love x Lo

Site Name Change (?): Need Your Guys’ Help

So I’m thinking of a name change for my site, and I’m a bit torn so I thought to turn to you guys!

Considering I’ve had my site for years, I felt it was due for one to keep up with the changes I’ve made and have in store for my site/ business. As I was thinking of different names, Chain of Arts or COA for short, came to mind. It’s a play off of Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools”. And also since my site contains are variety of different arts including: sketches, photography, music, poetry, film making, etc, I thought this new name can be fitting. Not to mention, a symbolism of my admiration for Ms. Franklin ūüôā . But I am not entirely sure if this change is the right thing to do only because I now feel I have this personal tie with Highs N’ Lows, which has been the name of my site since the beginning for years. I gave the site the name because I felt it conveyed what I experience in my life and as an aspiring singer/ entrepreneur. But I also think Chain of Arts makes more sense from a business stand point.

Please let me know which resonates with you more.
I would love to your guys’ feedback on the site!

Highs N’ Lows? or Chain of Arts?

“Georgia On My Mind” Ray Charles

For those who don’t know (and those who are new) welcome to highsnlows.

As you know, I am an aspiring singer/ songwriter and artist whose goal is share her love for music and to continue celebrating the greats here on highsnlows. And so, every time I come across a good song or a song that brings back memories or simply one that I think my viewers/ audience will like, I am always inclined to share it with you guys as I’m always thinking of ya’ll!

Today’s pick is the great Ray Charles “Georgia on My Mind”. It’s so soulful and a reminder of what a simple tune, simple lyrics, and an amazing voice can make one feel. Not to mention, my second home is Georgia where my family resides haha. Anyhow, hope this song hits home for you as it has for me.

Click here to purchase “Georgia on My Mind” on Amazon.

Daily Ritual: 300 Writing Prompts

I’ve been journaling a lot lately, and every time I do I feel a renewed sense of hope and motivation.

It’s almost like I’ve cleared my head space and am ready to start anew in my day/ venture. I suppose it’s a feeling I can’t really explain unless you’ve experienced it yourself. If you’re feeling uninspired and down, I really recommend that you give journaling a try. It gives you an opportunity to give clarity to your thoughts and thoughtfulness to your ideas and inner voice that can often be dampened by other distractions in your love (i.e. work, people’s opinions of you, societal pressures, etc.) It’s really worth the try.

The journal I have been us the “300 Writing Prompts”. I love this journal because it has questions already written for you in every page to get your thoughts and creative juice flowing. While they are simple questions, they are also thought-provoking. A few of my favorite are: “You are the wind’s interpreter. What is it saying?”, “What did you get into trouble for the most when you were a kid?”. Another is “What color do you feel today?”.

As you can see, there are asked in the simple way but also forces you to go deep into your thoughts, and sometimes without even realizing it, at least it had done so for me.

If you are interested, check out the prompt journal down below to purchase on Amazon. I also kindly ask that if there are any purchases in mind you would like to make on Amazon, please purchase through my affiliate link down below (at no extra cost). It would mean the world to me, and would continue to help keep my blog growing!

thank you again for sticking with me. more soon.

x Lo

Click here to purchase 300 Writing Prompts on Amazon

Life Update: Pinterest & Etsy Shop

As you may be aware, I have been working steadily on my Pinterest account which is pretty much an extension of my blog highsnlows.
For those who have visited from here, I just wanted to thank ya’ll for the growing views! On a personal note, it feels to good to have my work appreciated and seen, even if it’s just a view or click. On my Pinterest, I share my love for music through vintage pictures of all kinds artists including the legend & the greats, of whom might be your favorite as well. Please check out my account here at @lorrainebau. Hope it brings you some level of joy in your day.

Secondly, as I had announced yearly (this will be my second announcement excuse the excitement haha), I have officially launched my new Etsy shop @ChainofArts, where I will be sharing my love for jewelry making and visual arts. I spend a lot of time creating stuff that are special to me and hope to share further in the community in the future. If you have a chance, please head over to my shop and see if there might be anything you would like to gift for yourself or your loved ones. You will also see the link to my Etsy shop on my Pinterest account as well! More pieces and art work will be coming soon.

@ChainofArts was first created in 2017, however, it was recently that I became active on it.
I haven’t made any sales online as of now, but I hope to change that soon as I continue to dedicate more time and add more stuff to the site!

Click here to purchase Stone Gem Necklace on Etsy

Click here to purchase Friendship Chevron Bracelet on Etsy

As I always like to say, I really do enjoying putting in the time, effort, and love into all the content I make for you guys.
Super glad for the day ones and for all new follows! Wouldn’t know where this blog would be without ya’ll.

much love,
x Lo

New Read: “I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai

Just picked up a new book and began reading it today, I Am Malala.

In short, the book, is about a young girl, the author herself Malala Yousafzai, who gets shot point blank by the Taliban in her home country Pakistan in pursuit of fighting for education and social change. Fortunately she survives the incident. However, in her book, she shares her experience, insight, and wisdom as an activist and vehicle for social change prior to and after the shooting. She comes from a lineage of strong role models who she emulates, including a father who is a poet. I found this book an interesting read considering the currently social climate of today’s world, and because it was a book symbolized conviction, faith, and purpose in one’s journey. As you could probably tell from my prior posts, I have great admiration and respect for individuals who serve a purpose greater than themselves and for the good of society.

While I am only on Chapter 3, I would definitely continue touching base with you guys here!

Purchase I Am Malala on Amazon if you’re looking for a good read! (Free shipping included)

“If I Could” by Regina Belle (1993)

‚ô™If I could
I’d protect you
From the sadness
In your eyes
Give you courage
In a world
Of compromise
Yes, I would

Definitely reminiscent of the great Whitney Houston. Just discovered the great Regina Belle, from New Jersey. Her song “If I Could” was released in 1993 under Peak- Concord Jazz Label. Such a powerful vocalist and song.

“Belle was born in¬†Englewood, New Jersey. It was at Englewood’s Mount Calvary Baptist Church, and then Paterson’s Friendship Baptist Church (presided over by Belle’s uncle, the Reverend Fred Belle), that Belle began attracting attention with her vocal abilities. She sang her first solo in church at the age of eight. She attended¬†Dwight Morrow High School, where she studied¬†trombone,¬†tuba¬†and¬†steel drums.[8]¬†After graduation, Belle studied opera at the¬†Manhattan School of Music. She attended¬†Rutgers University¬†and became the first female vocalist with the school’s jazz ensemble. Belle’s musical influences include¬†Phyllis Hyman,¬†Billie Holiday,¬†Shirley Caesar,¬†Patti LaBelle, and¬†Nancy Wilson.[9]¬†She was introduced to¬†the Manhattans¬†by New York radio DJ Vaughn Harper and began working as their opening act. She recorded the duet “Where Did We Go Wrong” with the group on their¬†Back to Basics¬†album, which helped to attract the attention of¬†Columbia Records. She recorded a second duet, “Maybe Tomorrow (Four Tops song)“, which appeared on the B-side of “Where Did We Go Wrong”. They eventually signed her to a record deal.” – Wikipedia

2020 New Launch: Etsy Shop @ChainofArts

I am super excited to announce my newest launch on Etsy!

I first started jewelry making in 2016, and was super glad my shop was doing well outside my shop.

My shop include various jewelry including: glass bead necklaces, gem stone chokers, and friendship chevron bracelets!

After some trial & error (and life happening) I decided to renew my listings on Etsy as I’ve realized my passion in creating & sharing the stuff I make myself. My jewelry are perfect gifts for your daughter/ niece or if you’re a young adult, simply to treat yourself, made with careful craftsmanship and of course, love! ūüôā

If you have a chance, please check out my shop one Etsy @ChainofArts.

Click pictures for link to shop to purchase!

Please let me know some of your feedback as I hope to grow my little business and hopefully generate enough to one day contribute to non profits around the world.

As they say, a dream starts with a silly idea..

With love,

Handmade Stone Gem Necklaces
Friendship Chevron Bracelet
Glass Bead Necklaces

New Art Piece

New art piece on the site inspired by the social and political climate today.

I will be starting a new series on ‘art activism’ as I feel that is where my heart and purpose lay at the moment.

While in my heart I know I feel a tinge of regret in not participating in the protests here in Los Angeles, I also know that I can channel my support through what I love and that is through, art, reading, and writing.

Because it matters too.

feel free to check out more of my art work here.

much love x Lo

For those, with little ones please feel free to sign up for our next Zoom class every Wednesday at 11AM where we will go over music and playtime with you and your child! Please email for the class code.

As marketing assistant and music teacher for Music Moves In Me since summer of last year, I feel so blessed to take part of these young children’s musical journey.
Music is such an important facet of life and is scientifically proven to be beneficial in both cognitive and social behaviors!
It helps to increase memory skills, expand creativity/ imagination, build motor skills, allow for self- expression, improve self-confidence, improve a child’s speech, and increase team work to name a few.

Don’t underestimate the power of music for your children!

much love x Lo

New Piece

here’s another piece I wrote in the middle of the night when my creative juices are flowing.
excuse the vulgar language.

instrumental: Pretty Bitch Freestyle by Saweetie

‚ô™ time don’t wait for no one, tik tok
check my watch
bout to pull up with a glock
just a josh shoot my shot
count to 10, get lost
no arguing who’s boss
here’s to damage bout to cause

clap em cheeks if you here for a good time
party night not here for a long time (ya)
turn it up bitch catch me on prime time
tryna get some boy you walkin’ on thin ice

a new day, new bitch wanna try me
play me twice, know a kitty get feisty
come for me, and your actions be pricey
not talkin’ hit man, but b*itch I just might be

busy brushin’ off the hate
my business get it done, get it done my way
queen like me gotta stay late it’s a fling
watch your king, b*tch it’s checkmate

hustler like me work hard for her sh*t
a hater’s hate is a sign of success
wanna bet it’s a guess
I don’t rest, gotta fess, I’ma make it
promise no less (ya)

time don’t wait for no one, til tok
check my watch
bout to pull up with a glock
just a josh shoot my shot
count to 10, get lost
no arguing who’s boss
here’s to damage bout to cause

Reached 1.3k Monthly Views on Pinterest

thank you so much for everyone who has visited my Pinterest account! Couldn’t be doing what I do without you guys.

Means so much that my stuff interests you all as I continue to share my passion and love for the music.

For those who are new, my Pinterest consists of pictures of legendaries artists who ruled: Pop, Country, Soul, Gospel, Funk, etc. and within those genres, I have divided them into eras. I chose pictures that would take the viewer back in time where the music brought people together, like a time capsule. I am pretty selective with my pictures as I hope they bring you back a real sense of nostalgia (even if you didn’t grow up in the era like myself lol). You can check out my Pinterest page here.

Again, much love & got new content on its way.

x Lo