“Had It All” Promo Vid Out Now

if you didn’t know.. My music video to my first demo release “Had It All” is out on Youtube.
I just want to say how grateful I am for the support I’ve received for the video so far. I’m well aware ballads aren’t in “trend” right now, but I’m so proud of this project only because it’s a bit different from what I hear now on radio. Really wanted to capture some soulful classic melodies in this one! I have much much more in store and can’t wait to share with ya’ll the new tracks I have been working on and the opportunities I’ve had thus far in my journey here in Los Angeles. In the meanwhile, go stream “Had It All” and check out the music video here! Be sure to subscribe as well for UPDATES. Would appreciate it if ya’ll would give it a like on Youtube too to give the video a boost. Til next timee. Best, Lorraine (you can also peep the music gram here)

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