songwriting, singing, and studio time

Studio Session, 2021

words can’t describe how excited (nervous, but excited) I am in this creative process and journey as an aspiring and recognized singer/songwriter. I have been spending more time in my home studio creating new original music and implementing what I’ve learned as a singer/ songwriter on my own as well. After struggling with some personal issues for a very long time, I’ve realized the potential I have in my abilities and vision that I truly cannot wait to one day share with the world. And I really would like to credit much of it to this quarantine as there is many (painful but necessary) lessons I’ve come to learned during this time. While it is only the tip of the ice berg, I also know there is much much more to discover in this personal journey to share with you guys and lots more to create from this hyper active mind lol. I’m so excited you are all on this journey with me as I am (slowly but surely) learning how to become the singer/songwriter I aspire to be. as ‘Just another artist’ from Los Angeles. Good things are coming, 2021.


    1. absolutely! couldn’t agree more thats why its so important for me to constantly check in with myself and be inspired by my surroundings and resources always! it’s a learning and growing process for me most definitely

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