A Letter to Myself (Jan. 2021)

Breaking out into the music industry, or any industry in fact, isn’t for the faint of hearts. It takes tremendous courage, talent, a rigorous work ethic, looks, and an unshakeable determination to bypass the naysayers and make your dreams a reality.

For me, this is how my dreams of being a singer has impacted my life, both personal and professional life.

I am very selective of how I utilize my time and surround myself, simply because I don’t want anything or anyone to deter me from reaching my dreams.

This is also how starting my own business/ organization, a calling I’ve always felt I my early years of college, has impacted my life in much a similar way as well. Giving birth to the very blog you’re reading right now.

While you may or may not tell, I enjoy writing; it gives me a satisfaction and necessary fuel to continue and remain creative. Creativity is so vital to the lifeline of a musician, or at least any artist for that matter.

Anyhow, I write this post to share with you guys (& partly for myself to look back on) because I recently watched a documentary that I believe will propel many creatives like myself, particularly singers! And that is, to take action and execute the necessary steps to continue on their journey of greatness! In anyway that can be. (or worse, force you to face the mere fact that maybe, your dream isn’t really truly your dream or maybe simply realizing that you had been living in paralyzing fear) And for me to even consider that frightens me and makes me angry and only wants to continue to work harder even in the midst of self doubt, outside negativity, and possibly even.. dare I say.. delusion) & so I write this, I guess as a letter to myself to revisit where my vision all started. Mind you, I use the word greatness very lightly because it’s very few and rare that people follow through with becoming such thing! I’ve always been a firm believer of show, and don’t tell.

Anyhow, I digress, moving on. The Netflix documentary 20 Ft from Stardom (2013) spoke to many of my fears, struggles, and intense desire of making my dream of becoming an actual singer come to fruition.

In the film, [the producer/ engineer] shares a worth piece of advice. He describes the act of singing “more about a mental leap than the physical act of singing, a conceptual leap. If you can comfortable come up with it then you may find a sport there. You gotta have that narcissism you gotta have that ego”. He continues, “it takes tremendous amount of energy and ego to be a solo artist”. I thought I’d lend a particular focus on these two quotes purely because it’s packed with answers I had questions to and struggle with today, but a struggle I am slowly and know I overcome. Narcissism is a word I struggle with because at the root of it narcissism is ugly, not normal, and causes damage, but I’ve realized that in the name of good music— it’s a calling. Without the execution, aspiring singers are doing themselves a big disservice.

There were so many several other powerful quotes I had to note provided below that I hope will resonate for any aspiring singers/ musicians out there, if it really is that music is your calling.

“the human voice is the most pure expression coming from you’re own being. It’s so pure so sensitive about it” 

“You get hooked on music… you are fucked.”

“Real musicians, there is a spiritual component to what they do. It’s got nothing to do with worldly success. Their music is much more of an inner journey. And other success is just cream on the cake”

“Focus on the words that you’re singing. Get into the experience of what you’re singing about and sing your heart out.” 

“Being in a special place and that is really the higher calling to me”

“Its more than talent. It’s being disciplined gotta go do it”

Wood shedding— focus on what you need to do”

“Some people will do anything to be famous, and then there are other people who just will sing”

“At the end of the day it is really up to you to perfect the gift you have been given — put your spirit into that song”

“Harmonies, children’s doing it.. gift is coming out what you do with the gift is you.” 

I document these quotes/ reminders because for me personally, they are like traces of the steps I take every day walking in the journey that I am on, and though I got ways to go.. it is beyond comforting knowing that I am on the right path. For me, there is no where else but forward to go.

I don’t know who may have benefitted from these quotes but I hope they’ve blessed you as they have me.

x Lo


  1. “take action and execute the necessary steps to continue on their journey of greatness” what a fantastic post. I found so much “hidden treasure” in which i agree with. a lot of us are too afraid to step out of our comfort zone and take risky actions, but staying at the same place and doing nothing other than daydreaming is not going to benefit us either. i’m so proud of you for making the decisions that you felt were right, not many people have the courage to do that ❤

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