Netflix Documentary Review : The Remix Hip Hop x Fashion (2019)

I would like to start off by saying that this post is directed for aspiring artists who are developing their identity as artists or are simply intrigued by the concept of fashion within the context of the hip hop era. I recently watched the Netflix Documentary The Remix: Hip Hop x Fashion, and it was insightful to say the least. It’s interesting to see how hip hop figures have influenced and shape cultural fashion movements and most importantly, how fashion is a key staple in society. The film addresses how fashion has molded and reconstructed by some of the leading icons in luxury brands and high end culture. An example, Dapper Dan, a fashion designer from Harlem known for his ‘gangser inspired outfits’, highlights the liberation of expressing oneself through fashion. As he states when you dress yourself in high end brands like Gucci you think to yourself, “I have a dope ass outfit. No one is better than me. I made it.” And while I don’t necessary stand for the narcissism or shaming that may come with this sort of behavior, it is this sense of empowerment that holds volumes of power that ultimately shape our culture and society, especially within the realm of hip hop as this is a defining factor in one’s social position in society. The film further notes the perils of being a woman in the fashion industry, who aren’t taken seriously to the same degree as men. While this can be disadvantage for women, it is also an opportunity for women to bloom and to prove themselves within the industry through undeniable grit and perseverance. A lesson think is vital regardless of what industry you’re in and trying to breakthrough. So for all ladies there starting their own business, trying to make it in any of the entertainment industry.. hold your head up ladies and don’t ever forget your worth. I definitely think the film address some points and concerns that is important to keep in mind while breaking out as an owner/ artist yourself. So do yourself a favor and this film to your watchlist! Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts and comments after you watch it x Lo

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