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Pinterest @SHOPCOA

Happy holidays to all my artsy folks out there! I write this specifically for anyone looking for music and art inspo. For those who are new, my shop Chain of Arts LLC is a one-stop-shop for all things art, including music, painting, and vlogs. I’m back on my Pinterest grind and will constantly be posting inspiration related to the arts. This includes any tips and advice from other artists I find on the site as well. I will also be creating my own personal Pinterest content to share my knowledge, art, and pointers in how I create my own art. Be sure to follow my account @SHOPCOA for the pointers and my art work as well! 🙂 I would also like to address that while I currently have a degree in the Arts & Humanities and don’t have a formal degree in any kind of specific arts, I believe that a lack of one shouldn’t discourage you from growing as an artist, regardless of what kind of art you are pursuing. It is very much possible to increase your skillset and abilities if you commit and dedicate the time everyday to do so. While a degree certainly doesn’t hurt, I’ve also learned that art itself ultimately comes from within you; a degree may sound nice, but the true potential lies in your grit, mindset and at your hands– quite literally and figuratively! It only takes a matter of seeking the right knowledge, techniques, and inspirations right for you. Anyhow, thank you again for all the new followers and comments. You guys have been supportive and I can’t wait to create more content for you in music, photography, videos, and paintings. Stay tuned ya’ll got much much more in store all creatives and creators alike.

Be sure to follow my Pinterest @SHOPCOA for more inspiration for your art.

Oh & Hay your Holidays be filled with cheers and light x Lo

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