I registered my business: Chain of Arts LLC

Yes, you guys definitely read that right! Your girl is officially a business owner (well, a small business but a business nonetheless). Feels good to say that considering it’s been a long time coming.
For those who are new to my site, Welcome to Chain of Arts— a one-stop-shop for all things art!
I write this point to encourage those who are pondering or having thoughts about starting your own business. I’d highly recommend registering your business once you feel ready. Not only will you reserve your business name from being taken from under you, but it truly makes the mission of your business and responsibility that much more real.

So let’s get into it! There are two sites you can register your business at, and that is: LegalZoom or IncFile. While there are pros and cons to registering with either, I’d suggest you do your research to find which one fits your needs more. Both vary depending on your needs i.e.: taxes, consulting with lawyers, employee count, trademark, documentation, etc. You can find some assistance on this article Incfile vs. LegalZoom for the contrasts and comparisons.

While I believe LegalZoom is more common, I personally went for IncFile because it’s a more affordable option (who doesn’t like cheaper!). IncFile charges no sign up fee, only your state fee. I paid about $75, California’s state fee, in total while LegalZoom charges about double including the sign up fee. IncFile will also send extra documentation via mail pertaining to the registration at no extra cost. I chose this option because while my business has a solid following, I don’t have enough to get hit the ground running, and will wait until I do have a solid foundation first before I invest more in the operations of the business. (but more about that in future posts). Needless to say, IncFile was a good option for me to get my business registered and official in that sense as a beginner ‘business owner/ entrepreneur’. Are you thinking about owning a business? If so, have you registered? Let me know below!

For further assistance, be sure to read the article Incfile vs. LegalZoom to get a more clearer picture on what your specific needs are for your business.


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