Vocal Lessons with Stevie Mackey: Sing Anything Like A Pro

This post is for all aspiring singers like myself who are always on the look for singing tips and advice.
As an avid researcher (hence my blog), I literally scour the Internet reading blogs and watching youtube videos learning how to sing better. I can definitely share my new knowledge with you all on that at a later time. However, for this post, I want to share the basic material I have learned taking Stevie Mackey’s online course may you guys be interested in enrolling in the future. Though the course is pricey, I thought it was very much worth the money spent. While I understand his course may not be in everyone’s budget, I thought I’d share some of the lessons he covered in the course for free here on my blog. So be sure to like this post if you would like to read more of this content.

As an aspiring singer, I admire Mackey for not only his talent but reliability and empathy for his students. Mackey is a well experienced vocal coach in Los Angeles, teaching a wide range of students ranging from celebrities and beginners! Feel free to read more about Mackey here as I intend to continue posting about what I have learned as a singer myself from his lessons. Sing Anything Like A Pro is online and you are given assignments that allow you to give and write feedback to your peers. For me, learning other peoples voices helped me tremendously learn about my own voice as well. The duration of the course was 30 days, given 13 days of new lessons.

The two points I want to briefly touch on today is Vision & Listening.
The basic idea of voice performance is to get in touch with your soul. Though technical training and understanding of the voice is important, a lot of singing has to do with the emotion and soul you put into your performance. Because that is what people resonate with as they listen to you too. The one thing I learned from this day was to believe as you sing.. believably makes effective singers.
The second valuable tip I think will help you practice your vocal ability is to mimic other singers and sounds. As Mackey had mentioned great singers are great mimickers. This allows you to not only stretch your vocal chords but also help you become a better listener which is just as important as singing itself. Mimicking trains both your voice and ears, as Mackey says great singers are sound makers!

I hope these tips help you think more about your voice and help you become a little bit more self aware as a singer.
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Thank you for making it to the end of this post, and until next time!

much love x Lo

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