38th Anniversary: Michael Jackson Thriller Album

The album that reignited my passion for music. 3 years ago, I had almost hit a brick wall because I felt so emotionally and spiritually lost. My home life felt so incredibly broken, I had a fall out with someone I was talking with at that time, I felt misunderstood, empty, and drained. I knew I owed it to myself so I took a break from school and focused on myself, my mind, my body, and my soul looking for an answer. Somehow, the Almighty led me to discover the magic and love that was Michael Jackson. I became a huge Michael Jackson fan after that and needless to say, my life wasn’t the same after that. I realized how important and vital music is in life and I knew (to the very soul and core of my being) I wanted to be a part of it. I continued on my path though it felt quite lonely. And this blog allowed me to channel that part of my identity.

I’d like to make this post as I truly owe it to the great Michael Jackson, whose music made me reevaluate my life path and aspirations. True artists have that affect on you, and his music spoke to me. Hope ya’ll enjoy. My favorite jam was “The Lady in My Life”, what’s your favorite jam? Leave ’em below!

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