Reminder to Self (and to you)

Just discovered this brilliant intellect on Youtube who goes by the name Nubreed. Though I normally don’t post videos such as this, I thought this was definitely crucial to document and share with those who finds themselves in similar situations as I.
As an aspiring artist who would like to preserve her soul without being tainted by the evils of the industry, this particular video spoke to me as I find a lot of truth in his words and ideas. As a firm and strong believe of God, I would only like my music to speak to the right people. The people share the same passion and love for music, as music is only here to help unite and not divide us. And as we are well-aware the music industry, or Hollywood, is simply a hot mess full of evil people who prey on the vulnerable. And when you are chasing your dreams, you can often find yourself in vulnerable situations. however, this video serves as a self-reminder of who I am as an aspiring artist and how I can navigate the industry while pursuing my passion. Hope this videos serves you some justice as it did I. peace and love x Lo

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