Acceptance & Enrollment: NYU x Billboard Music Industry Essentials Program (2020)

Just enrolled in my very first Music program- NYU’s Music Essentials Industry Program, a facility of NYU’s Clive Davis Institute. The program is also affiliated with the likes of Stevie Mackey (who I just completed his vocal coaching program recently), Clive Davis himself, Quincy Jones, Ryan Leslie, to name a few. The program is also affiliated with the Billboards, who many of us may be familiar with. While this is only the beginning of my journey as a professional musician, I am excited to be exposed to all the material needed to deepen my understanding of the music industry and how it operates. The Music Industry in general does feel daunting as someone who is only starting out, but I hope this course will help me understand and give me a clearer picture of how I can utilize my talents and skills within the industry as I continue to grow as an artist. The duration of the course is for the whole year and the course comprises of six components: History of the Recording Industry, Money Matters in Music, Creativity in Content and Artistry, Building Your Image, Producing the Record, and lastly Marketing Music in The Economy. More than excited to begin this course and share my journey and new knowledge along the way.

Be sure to click here to learn more about the program for those who are interested in applying in the future.

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