MPK Akai Mini Keyboard

Hey ya’ll! Bit the bullet and decided to get started on my journey of building my own music studio.. First step was my purchase of my very first MIDI, the MPK Akai Mini Keyboard, which I purchased at Guitar Center in Hollywood, Los Angeles. It retails for about 119, and does come with a basic software, which I plan to upgrade in the future. Regardless, I thought this was a good investment, not only because I do miss my piano, though the keyboard is only a fraction size of it, but because I can finally play with sounds that I can eventually replay to any future producer I work with. It really is a blessing, because I can create, distort, and produce sounds that I can turn into songs and later write over.

For those who are interested in creating their own music one day, this is a create piece for any beginner. While it is basic keyboard, it has plenty of features and is a portable size that will allow you to travel with and meet your basic needs to make music. While I am only starting out, I only downloaded the softwares and began experimenting with the sounds. It is also compatible with Garageband if you own a Mac Computer. I am loving it so far, and super glad I made the investment that I’m sure will last me a while. I will keep you updated on the progress as I hope to make a youtube video about it in the near future.

Feel free to purchase the product on Guitar Center.

much love x Lo

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