Netflix Series: Voices of Fire Review (2020)

Finally! The moment in time I have been waiting for.. a show that actually values and appreciates the beauty of true singers/ vocalists. As I always say (and I apologize for being redundant) as an aspiring singer, the timing of the release of the show is impeccable; in my own personal journey, I truly feel music is a calling for me and it upsets me that my fear overshadows my love for music. But God always has a way to encourage and inspire me in times I don’t believe in myself. And I believe this show is one of them.

I’ve always been fascinated by gospel music and gospel singers, and it’s exactly what this show is about. Voices of Fire stars Pharell Williams and takes place in the state of Virginia. Some of my personal favorites are Danlie Cuenca, who is a filipino as well, which reaffirms my belief that there really are some gifted filipino singers who are often not recognized for their talents. Others include: Britnee, Melvette, DJ Parker, Alrenzo to name a few. The plotline of the show showcases a countless number of gifted vocalists sharing their passion and love for music and ultimately getting chosen by the judges to participate in the choir, hence the name Voices of Fire.

When they say the Holy Ghost can be summoned by some of these anointed vocalists, I truly feel it when these vocalists sing. It’s amazing just as much as it is encouraging. I am so grateful to have stumbled across this show as I feel blessed to have heard the amazing gifts of some of these vocalists. The pastor also drops some wise words throughout the series that spoke to me. He states, “Many of us may be damaged goods but God has a purpose for our life and then he can use our experience to convey His Goodness.” Not only did the series inspire me as a vocalist, but also strengthened my faith as a follower and believe of God. It inspired me to only hone in on my craft, appreciate my own talents, and become a part of something bigger than myself. For all music lovers and singers/ vocalists alike, I highly encouraged you to give this series a go. If music truly touches you, it will only help you to strengthen and/or rediscover your love for music.

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