“Wishlist” JoJo ft. PJ Morton (2020)

Startin’ to feel real festive now with Jojo and PJ Morton’s new release”Wishlist”! White Christmas is approaching so be prepared to see more Christmas carols and jingles by your favorite artists. If you have been following me since day one, you know my mission is to share good music with you and the world! And it’s only because I have and will always have great appreciation for music, and it’d be terrible for me to not pass it on when I find something that resonates with me as I hope it will do the same for you. My dream for the past 2/3 years is to one day impact the world with my music and release all songs that I hope will only give you same moment of peace and joy too. I have been following the footsteps of some of the greatest singers I’ve ever heard and share them with you guys, and it just so happens to be that Jojo is one of them. definitely one of the most underrated singers, still have yet to hear real singers on the radio. Who’s your favorite singer at the moment? Would love to hear them down below!

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