Sinatra: All or Nothing at All (2015) Netflix Review

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This one is for any Frank Sinatra lovers out there!
Ashamed to say that I only watched this film recently, but definitely glad I finally did.

The film is about Sinatra’s life journey as a young jewish boy in New Jersey trying to find his way as an aspiring singer in the 30’s during the Great Depression. Though his father was against his dreams of becoming singer, his father later got back on board and became the proudest father when he began singing in his own shows. He was a hard working minority who went from the typical narrative of rags to rich. Determined to become a successful singer, Sinatra sought to be the best performer in order to survive in the 30’s by working hard. Sinatra ultimately shaped professionalism in the 30’s during the Great Depression. Sinatra changed the way people saw Jewish Americans through his diction in song and style.

In the film, they share that Sinatra later used his platform of fame to help the poor jewish community, who identified himself growing up. I also admired that he was a white crooner who was overtly against racism and discrimination in the entertainment industry and stood up for black artists. He worked close with fellow black artist such as Sammy Davis. All in all, was such a great film and showcased Sinatra’s passion as an artist, singer, and human being. All or Nothing. Such a legend. 10/10 recommend.

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