Oprah Super Soul Conversation with Joel Osteen: Dream Big

Lately, I’ve been entertaining myself with podcasts on Spotify, specifically to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. I love her podcasts particularly because Oprah fuses spirituality into her conversations of real life problems that provoke deep thought in oneself and ultimately, inspiration to invoke action and change– on both an individual and collective level. One of the many that caught my attention was Oprah’s conversation with Joel Osteen on “Dream Big”. I think it is one that many people of all ages can relate to. In short, Oprah and Osteen discuss the importance of keeping steadfast to a vision that one may have in spite of adversity and challenges in their lifetime. Chances are, over a period of that, if that simple or ‘silly’ idea won’t leave your mind and stills heavily lingers, it might just be a calling. and one that you cannot turn down.

In the podcast, Dr. Osteen drops some great gems of inspirations that I would like to share with you guys.

“God won’t take you where he won’t protect you.”
“If you don’t talk to yourself, yourself will talk to you.”
“You’re closest to victory when you face the greatest opposition.”
“Privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are.”

I chose these quotes because it is an affirmation of a message that I struggled with myself throughout my lifetime. And that is: You are meant to live your true self. The harsh truth is you have full control of your life whether or not you may or may not feel that you do. A powerful message that I, sadly, only come to realize in its truest essence recently. But! as I also believe, it is never too late to do what makes your soul happy. regardless of where you are in life and how old you are. But that might mean making real sacrifices or taking scary risks to fight for your dream so you can be fulfilled and happy. No one said it’s gonna be an easy fight. I know for me, it hasn’t been easy but I do know one thing: music and art is everything to me. While both have been on my mind since my late teens/ early 20’s, I am now investing the money, time, and energy I know is needed to make my dreams a reality. If you really want it, build the courage, are willing to hustle and put in the work, then your dreams are yours for the taking.

These quotes stood out to me because it is a self-reminder to remain persistent and persevere. Along the way, God is guiding me through tribulation as a an ultimate test to achieve your goals and your vision (as I feel that he has does and am grateful for). As my mantra has been and will always be, nothing worth having is going to be easy. So this post is for any of you are beginning a new journey or feel are struggling in their journey, best believe there is a higher power watching and protecting you in the process. There is no real growth without a challenge. Rejection is only God’s way of redirecting you an/ or simply challenging your own belief in your vision. I’ve always trusted in my vision and in God’s blessing. With that being said, I’d like to thank those who have stuck with me and read til the end of this post. I’d like to leave you with an another touching quote to think about, and that is don’t forget to: Believe big, pray bold.

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