Site Name Change (?): Need Your Guys’ Help

So I’m thinking of a name change for my site, and I’m a bit torn so I thought to turn to you guys!

Considering I’ve had my site for years, I felt it was due for one to keep up with the changes I’ve made and have in store for my site/ business. As I was thinking of different names, Chain of Arts or COA for short, came to mind. It’s a play off of Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools”. And also since my site contains are variety of different arts including: sketches, photography, music, poetry, film making, etc, I thought this new name can be fitting. Not to mention, a symbolism of my admiration for Ms. Franklin 🙂 . But I am not entirely sure if this change is the right thing to do only because I now feel I have this personal tie with Highs N’ Lows, which has been the name of my site since the beginning for years. I gave the site the name because I felt it conveyed what I experience in my life and as an aspiring singer/ entrepreneur. But I also think Chain of Arts makes more sense from a business stand point.

Please let me know which resonates with you more.
I would love to your guys’ feedback on the site!

Highs N’ Lows? or Chain of Arts?


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