New photos in Gallery & Kayaking Adventure

Hi, ya’ll not too long ago I went kayaking with friends where we rented equipment at Pro SUP Shop in Marina Del Rey, California. Estimated cost per person was about $30. It was a stunning view and definitely a solid precursor to the moment I learn how to surf in the future 🙂 If ya’ll are looking for a quick getaway and a moment of relaxation and solitude (with a bit of physical exercise) I definitely recommend ya’ll to give kayaking a try if you haven’t yet. Just a tip, in a two person boat — person in the front has more control over power & direction than the back. Back person provides… moral support haha. Kayaking is actually music easier than it looks, just find a flow with everyone on boat and you good to row away to the endless abyss 🙂 Anyway, great time at the beach and perfect time to watch the sunset. Hope ya’ll have fun!

Also thought I’d mention I have new photography up on my gallery which you can check out here.
Also, new drawings pieces soon which I can’t wait to sell & share.

much love xLo


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